Viseaza Ca Se Fute Cu Un Baiat Frumos Dar Si-O Trage Cu Un Mos

Viseaza Ca Se Fute Cu Un Baiat Frumos Dar Si-O Trage Cu Un Mos

     I had been seeing Jackie for about 8 months.   Our relationship was fantastic, we had so much in common, and neither of us wanted to really get into serious relationship.   It would have been difficult if either of us had, since she was married… and not to me.        Jackie was a beautiful woman, petite about 5’ 4”, nice 36C breasts, nipples that loved attention.   The chemistry between us was fantastic, our relationship, as well as being friends, was very lustful.   Sexually we couldn’t get enough of each other.   I guess another way to put it is we were fuck buddies.   Our sexual chemistry… well, my cock and her pussy… they were a match, a perfect fit.      We were in a difficult time period.   We wanted to be together, but her hubby was getting suspicious… So, she couldn’t easily get out.   One day we were talking on the phone – we had planned to meet, but her hubby cancelled a trip out of town.   So any chance of meeting this week was out, since he was doing most of his work from home.       As we were talking, Jackie said “I just got off the phone with a good friend, Pam.   I want you to call her.”      “Why should I call her?” I asked.   “It’s you I want to see.”      “I told her you were going to call her” Jackie replied, “She’s expecting you to call.   She’s kind of in the same boat as me… not happy with her home life, her hubby neglects her.   Now, here’s her phone number, give her a call.   If for no other reason, please do it for me.”      After Jackie and I hung up, I was sitting on the side of my bed with a raging hard on.   No prospect of meeting Jackie, I couldn’t think of any other relief except to jack off. .   I toyed with the idea to pop in a XXX movie but I wasn’t in the mood to jerk myself.      I sat and looked at Pam’s number for a few minutes and thought, “well, I guess I could give her a call, maybe she’s up for some phone sex.”   So, I dialed her number.      After 3 or 4 rings, she answered.   “Hello?” I heard a soft, sexy, sultry voice on the line.      “Hi, I’m Steve. A mutual friend, Jackie gave me your number and suggested I call you” I answered.      “Oh, hi” she replied.   “Yeah, Jackie and I have talked about you.   She’s been telling me that you and I should hook up.”      We made small talk for a few minutes, discussing a wide variety of things.   She was very easy to talk to; we had several things in common.   I was enjoying getting to know her.   She, like Jackie was married and her husband spent a lot of time away from home.   She was lonely… the romance and lust in her marriage was gone, her hubby didn’t treat her very well.   She didn’t want to leave him because of the kids—he did provide financially for her.      Soon she made a comment about wanting a coke, but her supply at home was out.   I suggested meeting her somewhere and we could both have one.   She immediately agreed.   We exchanged vehicle descriptions and hung up.  It took me about 20 minutes to drive to the side of town where she lived.   I had been in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant for about 2 minutes when I saw her green Camaro drive into the lot.   As she parked next to me, we both smiled.   She was pretty—shoulder length auburn hair, blue eyes and a cute perky nose.   She had a slim waist, full 38D breasts; an hourglass figure.   We got out of our cars together and walked in.   As we got our drinks she suggested we sit in my car and talk.      As we sat and talked, the amount of traffic in the parking lot seemed to increase.   “Is there someplace we could go that would be a bit quieter?” she asked.      “We could go back to my house” I replied.      She readily agreed, so I started my car and we drove off.   As we drove we continued to talk.   We were very relaxed with each other, so the words flowed easily.      We arrived at my house and sat on the couch.   I got up and went to the kitchen to fix drinks.. while I was gone she noticed an ash tray with a couple of seeds.      “Do you smoke?” she asked.      “I don’t smoke cigarettes” I replied.      “Have any grass on ya?”   she asked, smiling.      “Sure” I replied.   “You want to smoke one?”      “Oh yeah” she said with a big smile.   “I really enjoy getting a buzz.”      I went to my stash and came back with a joint.   Sitting down next to her I lit it.   We shared tokes and since it was really good quality, we were soon both buzzed.      “I really enjoy toking” she said, smiling at me.   “The downside is it makes me really horny.”      “That’s not a downside unless you’re alone” I replied, grinning at her.   “I know what you mean, it makes me horny too.   My cock also gets harder when I’m smoking than when I’m not.”      “Good” she said.   “I like that.”      She leaned over and kissed me, a slow, soft kiss.   Her tongue probed, parting my lips and began dancing with my tongue.   As our tongues danced, I moved my hand to her waist, pulling her closer.   She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, our kisses becoming more forceful, more passionate, more lustful.      I moved my hand from her waist up to her breast, feeling her nipple harden under her shirt.   I squeezed gently, my other hand pulling her even closer.   While I squeezed and played with her nipples she moaned with pleasure.   My other hand slipped under her shirt, raising it up.   She let go of me and raised her hands above her head, allowing her shirt to slip off.        Now wearing only her pants and a sexy bra, she said to me in a lustful voice, “You want to fuck?”      I looked at her, my tongue thick with lust.   “yeah, I want to fuck” I replied.      Standing up I reached for her hand and helped her up.   I led her back to my bedroom and turned to face her.   Kissing her again, deeply probing the recesses of her mouth I held her close.   My hands moved to her slacks, one hand unbuttoning then unzipping, the other pushing them down her legs to the floor.   I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, giving freedom to her 38D breasts.   Her brown nipples were both erect, looking for attention as I bent down and kissed first one then the other.    As I sucked on her nipples she moaned again with pleasure.        “Damn, th
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at feels good” she managed to say between moans.      Dropping to my knees, my fingers slipped into the elastic band of her panties, pulling them down her legs to the floor, where she stepped out of them.    Now standing completely nude in front of me, I took in the view.   She was drop dead gorgeous.   I leaned forward and kissed her light muff, my tongue probing into her slit, now wet from her juices.   Moaning again she reached down and pulled me up.      “Now, it’s my turn” she said, licking her lips and smiling at me.      She kissed me again, then began unbuttoning my shirt.   Pulling my shirt off she then unbuckled my belt, then loosed my pants, pushing them down my legs.   As I stepped out of them, her hand went to my now fully erect cock and tugged on me.      We embraced again, kissing deeply, my erect member pushing against her mound, sliding between her legs.   I pushed her back onto my bed and fell with her, catching myself so I was raised above her.   I moved down, my mouth again finding her pussy and began probing the recesses.   she moaned with pleasure, squirming at the feelings my touch was generating.   As I licked and lapped her juices, my tongue found her love button.   She let out a squeal of pleasure as I sucked her clit into my mouth and squeezed with my lips.   She spread her legs allowing me easier access.   Then, as she reached orgasm she screamed with pleasure. Her juices flowed out covering my face with her nectar.      After she finished her orgasm I moved up and pressed the head of my 6 ½ inch cock against her slit.    She reached down and guided me with one hand, her other hand on my ass pulling me to her.   My cock slipped into her tight love hole and I slowly entered her.   Moaning again, she began to move her hips, now both hands on my ass pulling me tight.   We began to move in unison, fucking like it was choreographed.      After a few minutes, both of us were moaning with pleasure. I felt my balls tighten, my cum inside boiling, anxious for release.   Pumping harder, my cum began the race up my shaft, exploding inside her hot wet pussy.   We both came at the same time, screaming with pleasure…       As my balls drained, my cock remained hard.   Pulling out of her, I moved down and kissed her pussy, tasting the saltiness of my cum, mixed with her love juices.   She grabbed at my leg, pulling me to a ‘69’ position.   She grabbed my cock and tugged on it, moving me closer to her mouth.   I eagerly moved for her and soon my cock was stroking in and out of her mouth, her tongue licking the underside of my shaft while she sucked on me.   My face was buried in her muff, my tongue probing deeply, exploring her wet, slippery slit.   I fucked her face and her pussy with my tongue at the same time.   She moaned with pleasure as I sucked her clit into my mouth.        Soon we both reached climax again, her juices coating my face as I pumped cum into her mouth.   She swallowed as fast as she could, savoring my love juices.      After we were both spent, I moved around and lay next to her, holding her in my arms.   We laid together for a few minutes, just enjoying before we spoke.      “Jackie was right,” she said.   “You are a good fuck.”      “You and Jackie talked about my fucking style?”   I replied, laughing.      “Yes, we did.   She said you wore her out the first time she fucked you.”      “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed,” I said.   “I’m even more glad that Jackie told you to fuck me.”      “Well, Jackie and I are in the same boat” she said.   “We’re both married, our husbands don’t take care of our needs and we’re both frustrated sexually.   And, she said you were the answer to her frustrations, and you could be the answer to mine.”      “So you want this to become a regular routine then?”   I asked.      “Yes, if you’re okay with that.”   She replied.        “How could I in my right mind turn down an offer like this?   Having you as a fuck buddy as well as Jackie” That’s almost every guy’s fantasy, having two women to fuck.   The only thing better would be to have both of you at the same time.”      “We’ve discussed that too” she laughed.   “But that’s for another time.”      “Well, my cock has perked up.   You ready for another round?” I asked.      “Oh yeah, I’m ready” she replied.        Pam raised up and moved to her hands and knees, exposing her pussy and ass to me.   I got behind her on my knees, stroked my now erect cock, and positioned myself against her ring.      “Not the ass” she said.   “Not this time, anyway… I just want you to fuck me doggie style.”      I moved my cock down and lined up with her pussy, slowly pushing my cock into her.   She rocked back taking me all in.   As I began to thrust in and out of her, she rocked back and forth, fucking me.   Moaning with pleasure, I could feel the muscles inside her pussy squeezing my cock.   I reached under her and squeezed her tits, driving my cock in and out of her.   As we fucked in unison, we both reveled in the pleasure of our lust.   Soon she started breathing rapidly.   “Oh, oh, oh… I’m cumming… again”   she said between gasps.      Soon I could feel the cum inside me, what was left, began the race up the shaft toward the prize.      “Damn….. I’m cumming too I said, my voice hoarse from screaming….        Pam came just as my cum spurted into her pussy, both of our orgasms feeding off of each other.   We fell on the bed, breathing heavily.   Slowly our breathing returned to normal as we lay on the bed embracing.      After about   20 minutes, Pam looked at the clock on the nightstand.   “I have to go, hubby will be home from work in about an hour and I need to start dinner” she said.    “Take me back to my car?”     “Sure” I replied.   “We have to do this again” I said, grinning.     “Oh yeah, you can count on that”   she replied.     We jumped in the shower, unfortunately no time for playing, and cleaned up.   After dressing I drove her back to her car.   As she got out, she said “Jackie sure was right.   I’m glad she’s willing to share you.”      “Me too” I replied, as she got in her car and drove off.      “I need to call Jackie and thank her” I thought as I watched Pam drive away.    

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