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Titus Steel has a party at the pool where he leaves with an orgy

Eighteen-year-old sixth former, Nicole Rannigan fidgeted with her hands, then her hair and finally her black school shoes as she waited on the blue padded chairs which lined the wall facing the offices of the Head Mistress, Deputy Head Mistresses and Heads of Year at St. Katherine’s Girls’ School. Nicole was in serious trouble this time and she knew it. During her six and a half years at the school she had been in this position on many occasions but this time it was really serious.She thought about the two incidents which had landed her on that blue padded chair in the main reception. Nicole began to bite her fingernails nervously. It would be quite possible that Ms. Storey, the Deputy Head Mistress in charge of discipline, would permanently exclude eighteen-year-old Nicole Rannigan that day. Her behaviour, and past record of poor behaviour over her six or so years at the school, would certainly merit a permanent exclusion from St. Katherine’s. All options had been tried to modify the short, well-built, dark-haired sixth former’s behaviour, ranging from detentions, Form Mistress report, Head of Year report, Ms. Storey’s behaviour report, short, fixed-term exclusions and of course, numerous doses of corporal punishment.And yet, here was Nicole, sitting in her all too familiar position – on one of those padded chairs, waiting for Ms. Storey to arrive. She was just trying to think of a way that she could explain her behaviour to Jasmine Storey when she heard the familiar voice of the tall Deputy Head Mistress who had arrived in reception and was chatting to the receptionist, Gemma Ball. After a few moments, she turned from the reception desk and immediately fixed her stare on Nicole Rannigan.“Right, Miss Rannigan, you had better come with me. I think that you have some explaining to do, young lady,” Jasmine Storey said softly, but also with a tone that left the sixth former in no doubt that she was really in trouble.The eighteen-year-old girl got to her feet slowly and bent down to pick up her school bag, before following the tall Deputy Head Mistress, who had already unlocked the door to her office, leaving it open for Nicole to follow. Once she had covered the short distance from the chairs in the corridor to Jasmine’s large office, she walked inside and closed the door quietly behind her, taking a few steps until she was standing in front of Ms. Storey’s desk. Nicole Rannigan tried to conceal her nerves and concentrated upon standing still as the Deputy Head Mistress removed her jacket and hung it on a coat hanger before removing a file from her filing cabinet and then sitting down in the leather chair behind her desk. She looked up at Nicole, who stood there, holding her school bag in her right hand.“Sit down, young lady.” She gestured to her visitors’ chair with her left hand and watched as Nicole gently lowered herself into the seat, placing her bag on the floor beside her right foot.Jasmine Storey turned her attention to the A4 card folder and opened it, studying the sizeable bundle of papers inside. She remained silent as she slowly worked her way through each sheet, giving the occasional “mm” sound to show the girl sitting opposite her that she had discovered something. Nicole Rannigan’s school file was, indeed, a sizeable document and sadly, a document that consisted of many incidents of poor behaviour and attitude over her six and half years at St. Katherine’s. Nicole had been in Ms. Storey’s office on many occasions before and was well aware of how her visits had always ended. She knew she’d be lucky if that was the way this meeting ended.After about five minutes, the Deputy Head Mistress gently closed the cardboard folder and placed her hands on her desk. She stared directly across her desk at Nicole Rannigan, who was looking down at her black school shoes and fidgeting with her hands in her lap.“Well, young lady. It looks like this is finally it, doesn’t it?” Jasmine Storey smiled and waited for Nicole to speak.The sixth former continued to stare at her shoes and remained silent. Perhaps if she showed the uber-strict Ms. Storey that she was truly sorry for what she had done then she would be given another chance. Jasmine continued to wait for a reply but when it became apparent that the girl wasn’t going to speak, she continued.“Do you have anything to say for yourself, Nicole?” Ms. Storey brushed her shoulder-length dark hair behind her right ear with her right hand and waited.Still no reply. Ms. Storey spoke once more.“You were lucky to be allowed to stay on in the Sixth Form after your behaviour in lower school and it was against my better judgment that we let you continue your education here, young lady.” Jasmine pushed her chair back from her desk and slowly got to her feet, all the while looking at the eighteen-year-old sat before her.“Your behaviour hasn’t improved in the sixth form and you have been punished on numerous occasions over the last year and a half by various members of staff – Miss Thompson in PE twice, Mrs. Vanssen in Chemistry twice, Miss O’Driscoll in Maths, Mrs. Cowden in Law, three times by Mrs. McNamara, once by Miss Downey, once by Miss Hatton for behaviour outside her music rooms, detentions, form report, Head of Year report and Deputy Head Mistress Behaviour report.” Jasmine Storey bent down and reached into the tall vase in which she kept her canes, pulling out her favourite one.“Added to that, I’ve punished you four times myself, twice while you’ve been in the sixth form.” She placed the cane on her desk and showed no emotion as she saw Nicole look up for the first time since she had entered Jasmine’s office.“Enough is enough, young lady. I think it's time that we both make a choice, isn’t it?” Ms. Storey walked over to the tall cupboard in the corner of her office and opened the doors.“I just don’t see a change in your attitude so, perhaps it would be better for everyone if we asked you to leave the school.” The Deputy Head Mistress concentrated on finding the things that she was looking for in the cupboard.Nicole Rannigan was stunned. She did not want to be permanently excluded from school. Her mum would be devastated by it and would then obviously take her anger out on the eighteen-year-old’s bottom and thighs. Added to that, she’d have her phone confiscated and be grounded forever. The seriousness of what she had done finally registered with her. She thought about what to say to Jasmine but waited until the older woman had finished what she was doing and had turned her full attention back to Nicole.Ms. Storey carefully laid the American holed paddle on her large table that was to the right of where the cupboard was. Added to this was the innocent-looking slipper, even if Nicole knew that it was far from innocent in the Deputy Head Mistress’ hands. Finally, she saw the extra heavy tan-coloured tawse, which Jasmine had used on her during her last punishment, which had only been two weeks earlier. The forty-five-year-old teacher turned and stared across at Nicole Rannigan.“So, Nicole. Please tell me your side of the story and also, why I shouldn’t ask you to leave St. Katherine’s Girls’ School.” Ms. Storey returned to her leather chair behind her desk and sat down carefully.“It better be a good argument for you to stay as we have a waiting list full of girls who would do anything for a place in an outstanding school like this one.” Jasmine leaned forward with her elbows on her desk and waited for Nicole to speak.The sixth former thought to herself for a few moments, staring across the desk at the Deputy Head Mistress and at the cane that was laid out on the desk before her. It had been used against her bare bottom twice before by Ms. Storey and Nicole knew that it was extremely painful. She had been given six strokes that first time and had cried after the third stroke. The second time, she had cried after four strokes but had received twelve, extremely painful strokes in all. She prepared herself for an even more severe dose this time.“So, young lady. What do you have to say for yourself?” Jasmine sat back in her chair, not taking her eyes from Nicole.After a few more moments of contemplation and silence, Nicole Rannigan finally began to try to get herself out of the mess that she found herself in.“Miss, I’m sorry. Truly I am. I didn’t mean to disobey Miss Lawrence.” She looked down at her small hands, which she struggled to hold still in her lap.“And tell me what you did to upset her, young lady.” Ms. Storey continued to stare across at the eighteen-year-old girl.“I’m on your report, which means I can’t go into town when I haven’t got any lessons. All my friends were going into town after our Maths lesson, but Miss Lawrence saw me as I was walking out of the main entrance and told me that I couldn’t go as she knows that I’m on your report.” Nicole began staring at the carpeted floor in front of her before continuing.“I got annoyed as I wanted to go with my friends, but Miss told me to stop. I lost my temper and said things I shouldn’t have said. I’m sorry, Miss – honestly, I am.” Nicole Rannigan looked up at her teacher and for once, was genuinely sorry.“Fuck off, you can’t stop me going into town,” is what you said according to Miss Lawrence. Is that correct, Nicole?” Jasmine ran her right hand through her shoulder-length brown hair and waited.“Yes, Miss. I’m sorry, Miss.” Nicole Rannigan rubbed her nose with her right hand and returned her gaze to the floor.“Then on your return to school, you lost your temper again and pushed one of the younger girls over, is that correct?” Jasmine Storey got to her feet and walked around to the front of her desk.She looked down at Nicole before she sat on the edge of the desk and waited for the younger girl to answer.“The year elevens were coming out of the dining hall and one of them tried to just run into me. I was in a bad mood so when she knocked into me, I shoved her in return, and she fell over. Mrs. Ellis saw me do it and brought me to your office.”Jasmine Storey smiled and began rolling up the sleeves of her expensive, long-sleeved, white satin blouse. Once satisfied, she got to her feet and reached over her desk to pick up her cane.“Nicole. I am very tired of this. You are eighteen-years-old, are sitting A-Levels in the next few months and should be setting an example to the younger girls at St. Katherine’s. Not acting like you’re still one of them.” She began running the cane through her fingers before continuing.“I don’t want to exclude a sixth form girl, but you really are making it difficult for me to justify not doing that, aren’t you?” She paused.“I’m sorry, Ms. Storey, I promise that I’ll change, and I’ll apologise to Miss and I’ll do all my work, and I’ll do whatever punishment you want me to do. Miss, please don’t exclude me. Please, Miss!” Nicole spat out frantically.Jasmine Storey smiled to herself. She had Nicole exactly where she wanted her. However, she was not going to get off that lightly. She waited for a few moments, enjoying listening to the girl’s desperate pleas.“Sssh, Nicole. This is what I will do to solve our problem.” She swished the nasty dragon cane through the air for effect.“I will exclude you from school for three days. That is for swearing and defying Miss Lawrence.” She swished the cane several more times, smiling to herself as she saw the girl’s nervous reaction.“Additionally, you will be on Mrs. Sparrow’s Head Mistress report, which means just one more incident, no matter how small it is, then you’re permanently excluded from this school. Do you understand.” Jasmine replaced the cane on her desk and walked across to her table, where she picked up her slipper, which she began tapping against the palm of her right hand.She returned to her desk and looked down at Nicole Rannigan, who looked utterly defeated.“Before you leave to begin your exclusion you will also be punished on your bare bottom. Do you agree to all of this, Nicole?” Jasmine placed the slipper on her desk and waited for an answer.“Yes, Miss Storey. I accept your punishment. Thank you, Miss Storey.”The tall Deputy Head Mistress was going to waste no time in dealing with the girl. She had plenty of things to do that lunchtime and meetings with parents for the rest of the afternoon.“Very well, young lady. I want you to stand up and remove your blazer, your shoes, your knickers and your skirt,” Ms. Storey commanded quietly but left the girl in no doubt that she should obey and without making a fuss.Nicole was relieved at not being permanently excluded from school and obeyed quickly. She stood up and took off her blazer, which she folded carefully and placed it on the sofa behind her. Next, she slipped off her black school shoes, picking them up from the floor and placing them out of the way. She then unzipped her knee-length black school skirt, which she folded neatly and placed it on the sofa. Finally, after a quick look at Ms. Storey, who was watching her, she slipped both hands down the sides of her white school knickers and lowered them, carefully stepping out of them. She folded them up and placed them on top of her skirt and her blazer on the sofa, before returning her attention to Jasmine.The Deputy Head Mistress looked at the eighteen-year-old. She had sizeable hips and was relatively short, but her attention was drawn to Nicole’s private parts. They were neatly trimmed and shaved, and the girl’s breasts were large and stood out proudly under the white short-sleeved school blouse and tie that she was wearing. Nicole was a friend of her eldest daughter, Aleesha, and this made the Deputy Head Mistress even more determined to teach the girl a lesson. No way was she going to encourage her daughter to misbehave in such a way. Also, Nicole Rannigan was sure to tell Aleesha exactly what her mother had done to her that lunchtime.“Right, Nicole. I’m going to start with a hand spanking and then the slipper, paddle and we’ll finish with eighteen of the cane. Is that understood, girl?” Jasmine immediately reached forward for the visitor’s chair and placed it in the centre of her office, in front of her desk.“Yes, Miss Storey,” the eighteen-year-old sixth former r
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eplied as Jasmine Storey sat on the chair.“Very well, Nicole. Over you go.” She moved her hands out of the way and waited for the misbehaving schoolgirl to take her position over her lap.Nicole Rannigan carefully stepped forward and lowered herself over the extremely strict teacher’s knees. She shuffled around until she was comfortable. Her hands rested flat on the floor before her, her feet touching the carpeted floor and her bottom sticking up in the air, waiting for Ms. Storey’s treatment to begin.Jasmine Storey shuffled around on her chair too. Nicole Rannigan was one of the larger girls that she had dealt with over her lap. She placed her large and heavy right hand on the large, chubby buttocks that lay in front of her. Her left hand was placed on the girl’s lower back and she began to gently apply pressure to Nicole’s back, forcing her to raise her hips, which in turn raised her bottom higher in the air. Once satisfied, the experienced Deputy Head Mistress rubbed the sixth former’s bottom with her right hand before deciding that it was time to begin.“Right, young lady. I want you to take it like a good girl and make no fuss. Is that clear, Nicole?” Jasmine raised her right hand in the air and smiled as Nicole Rannigan looked back over her right shoulder at her.“Yes, Miss Storey. I’ll try. I promise.” The girl returned her attention to the carpet in front of her and awaited that first, painful slap.She did not have long to wait until Jasmine’s heavy hand connected with her flabby bottom with a loud and satisfying “smack!” The sound echoed around Ms. Storey’s office. Nicole Rannigan took the hand spanking well. She was used to it, both at St. Katherine’s and at home too. The forty-five-year-old teacher knew that as Nicole was used to being spanked, that she would really have to show the girl no mercy whatsoever. That is exactly what she received over those next ten minutes.Jasmine slapped her slow and hard, across every inch of the large, round buttocks lying obediently over her long, grey skirted knees. Then she rapped out a frantic dose of her right hand, catching the girl absolutely everywhere, ensuring that her white bottom was turned a mix of pinks and shades of red. The thought of her daughter, Aleesha, and the fact that this naughty girl was one of her friends, made her even more determined to be harder on Nicole. Jasmine’s right hand slapped her hard and repeatedly on the backs of her legs and in between her buttocks and thighs.The girl struggled and squirmed, but Jasmine simply laughed. Her own daughter also reacted like this on the few occasions that she had had to be spanked at home. Nicole brought up her right arm to try and stop her teacher from spanking her, but Ms. Storey simply took it in her left hand and held it behind the sixth former’s back, all the while, spanking the girl hard and often.Towards the end of the hand spanking, Nicole began to cry and started to sob and sniff loudly. Jasmine continued to hold her right arm behind her back as she completed her work with her own right hand.“Now, young lady. You know what you have done and seeing as you have accepted your punishment, then I expect you to take it like a good St. Katherine’s girl. Is that clear!” Ms. Storey raised her voice.Nicole continued to cry and sniff and the slaps kept on landing on her bottom, which felt as though it was burning. Eventually, she calmed herself enough to reply to the strict Deputy Head Mistress.“Yes, Miss Storey. Please stop. Please!” she pleaded.Jasmine Storey smiled to herself. She had Nicole precisely where she wanted her and continued to spank her hard, despite the pleas. Ms. Storey continued until she could feel that the eighteen-year-old girl was beginning to move off her knees. She paused and placed her right hand flat on the girl’s back, at the same time, releasing her tight grip in her left hand that had secured Nicole Rannigan’s right hand behind her back to prevent her from interfering with the punishment.“Get up, young lady and go and place yourself right over my table in the corner. I’m not finished with you just quite yet,” she said quietly and took her hands from Nicole’s back.She watched as the schoolgirl slowly and carefully got to her feet. She stood looking down at Jasmine for a moment. She rubbed the tears from her eyes with her left hand and then tried to cool the fire in her bottom by rubbing her buttocks with her cool hands. Finally, she walked the short distance to the wooden table in the corner of the office and positioned herself over it, resting her head on her elbows.After a few moments to regather her composure, Jasmine got to her feet and ironed the creases from her long, grey woollen skirt. She kicked off her black high-heeled shoes and walked over to the table where the sixth form girl was lying face down. Ms. Storey leaned in close and took the tail of the schoolgirl’s white blouse and tucked it neatly out of the way so that her entire bottom was exposed. She ran her warm right hand across the girl’s bottom and smiled as he felt the heat coming from it. She also admired the colours and the marks that had started to appear all over the cheeky sixth former’s bottom from the hand spanking.Jasmine Storey reached over to her desk and picked up the well-used slipper in her left hand. She quickly transferred it to her right hand and tapped it gently against Nicole’s bottom. The strict female teacher smiled as she saw Nicole Rannigan tense her legs and bury her head deeper into her arms as she awaited the resumption of her punishment.“Six smacks with my slipper, Nicole,” she said softly as she tapped the girl with the innocent-looking leather soled slipper.After a moment, Jasmine raised the slipper high in the air and paused. She thought about where her swipes would land and once satisfied, brought the slipper hurtling through the air, its journey ended when it landed with a loud “thump!” across the centre of Nicole Rannigan’s fleshy bottom.“Thump!"“Thump!”“Thump!”“Thump!”“Thump!”The Deputy Head Mistress wasted no time in administering the slippering and paid little attention to Nicole, who was crying into her arms, burying her head as deep as she could into her arms that were resting on the table.Out of her sight, Jasmine placed the slipper on the table to Nicole’s left-hand side and picked up her severe, heavy two-tailed leather tawse. She placed the inch-wide piece of nasty tan-coloured leather over her shoulder and waited as Nicole Rannigan shuffled around, trying to get comfortable. Once the schoolgirl had settled herself, Ms. Storey took the tawse back over her right shoulder and paused.“Six strokes with my tawse, young lady,” she announced sternly.Within seconds that first stroke landed across the centre of Nicole’s fleshy bottom with an almost deafening “smack!” Again, Jasmine wasted no time in rapping out the remaining strokes, despite Nicole’s sobs and tears.“Smack!”“Smack!”“Smack!”“Smack!”“Smack!” A series of six, neat red lines had been burned into Nicole’s buttocks by the nasty split piece of leather.The Deputy Head Mistress was enjoying herself now. She quickly placed the tawse down on the table next to where the girl was lying and obviously crying and picked up her holed American-style paddle. She loved this implement so much and it was legendary amongst the girls at St. Katherine’s. No one wanted to get sent to her office in case they faced her nasty wooden paddle.“Another six with the paddle, girl and then that just leaves the cane, doesn’t it?” Jasmine did not even wait for a reply before she took up her position at Nicole’s left-hand side.The teacher measured the large paddle out against the bottom lying before her and placed her left hand on Nicole’s lower back, pushing her down into the table and ensuring that she could not move around during this part of the punishment. Once satisfied, Ms. Storey brought the paddle down on the bottom before her with a painfully loud “Whack!”Nicole Rannigan struggled, but Jasmine Storey had enough strength in her left hand to push the girl down into the desk and keep her there until she had completed the penultimate part of the punishment.“Whack!”“Whack!”“Whack!”“Whack!”“Whack!” The strict teacher smiled as she saw the bruises starting to appear on Nicole’s very sorry bottom before her.The forty-five-year-old Deputy Head Mistress released her grip on Nicole and replaced her paddle on the table, next to the tawse and the slipper. The eighteen-year-old girl remained still, bent over the desk, sobbing and sniffing loudly. Jasmine walked across to her desk and picked up the senior dragon cane from her desk. She held it tightly in her right hand and walked back to the table, over which Nicole Rannigan was bent. She laid the thick cane across the plump, but bruised bottom in front of her and took a deep breath, adjusting her stance as she did so.“Now, Nicole. You will receive eighteen strokes with the senior cane, and you will take them with no fuss. No shouting out. No moving and no rubbing your bottom. Is that clear, girl?” Jasmine waited.“Yes, Miss Storey,” Nicole eventually replied through the sniffs and the sobs.“Very well, young lady. We shall begin.” Ms. Storey took up her position and paused for a moment.She stood with her left hand resting on her left hip, left leg in front of her right and with her left knee bent slightly. The perfect caning position which she had perfected over her twenty-two years as a teacher. She raised the cane above her head and a moment later brought it whistling through the air, landing a second later across Nicole’s right bum cheek with a painful, “Thwack!”Nicole shoved her hand in her mouth to stop her shouting out as the intense pain registered in her brain. Ms. Storey did not waste any time in continuing the finale to the girl’s punishment.“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”Jasmine paused and ran her right hand across the bottom that lay quivering before her. It was a mix of shades of red and pink, and dark purple in places where bruises had started to form. Those first six cane strokes had left a neat set of tram lines in the centre of Nicole’s bottom and would ensure that she wouldn’t be able to sit without feeling them for a few days afterwards. Quickly, the teacher returned her attention to the punishment and had re-taken her position at Nicole’s left-hand side. Within moments, the caning had resumed.“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”Again, the Deputy Head Mistress paused to inspect her handiwork and smiled as she caught a glimpse of the eighteen-year-old’s pussy. She was obviously wet and turned on by the experience, despite it being a very painful one for her. Ms. Storey listened intently to the girl’s breathing and her sobs and sniffs before deciding to conclude the punishment. She re-took her position and wasted little time in administering those six final and painful strokes across Nicole’s buttocks.“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”“Thwack!”Jasmine Storey left the eighteen-year-old sixth form student bent over the table whilst she busied herself cleaning her implements with some antiseptic wipes which she brought out of her desk drawer. She said nothing as she cleaned her wooden paddle, leather tawse and cane before placing them back in the cupboard and returned the cane to the vase next to her desk. Jasmine walked over to Nicole Rannigan and touched her gently on her red and swollen buttocks. She rubbed the girl’s bottom gently and tried to soothe her a little. Nicole continued to sniff and sob for a further five minutes before she started to calm herself.“Right, young lady. This is your final chance at St. Katherine’s school.” Ms. Storey continued to run her hands all over the young girl’s bottom and thighs before continuing.“You will spend the rest of the afternoon in isolation with Mrs. McNamara and Miss Hatton and then you will report back to me at the end of the day to collect a letter to your mum.” Jasmine smiled as Nicole began crying again.“You will do the work that your teachers set you to do during your three-day exclusion and on the day of your return – next Monday – your mum and yourself will need to attend a meeting with Mrs. McNamara and myself.” Ms. Storey accidentally touched Nicole’s pussy and the girl moaned.“Any bad behaviour or attitude in future will result in a permanent exclusion from this school. I hope that is very clear, young lady.” Ms. Storey emphasized her last sentence.Eventually, Nicole Rannigan recovered her composure and turned around to face the Deputy Head Mistress, who had continued to rub and soothe the girl’s battered bottom and thighs.“Yes, Miss. I promise I’ll be good!” Nicole pleaded.“I hope so, young lady,” the teacher replied, taking her hands from the girl’s bottom and walking back to her own desk before continuing.“Now, get dressed and go and clean yourself up in the toilets and come back here for Mrs. McNamara to collect you so she can take you down to Inclusion.”Ms. Storey watched with a stern look on her face as Nicole got to her feet carefully and walked across to the sofa where her clothes had been neatly piled. She dressed quickly and went and cleaned herself up the best she could. At the end of the lunch break, Nicole Rannigan was stood back outside Jasmine’s office awaiting her head of year, Mrs. McNamara, to come and collect her.At the end of the day, Miss Hatton accompanied Nicole to Jasmine’s office where she collected a letter addressed to her mother. That afternoon, Ms. Storey had already left a voicemail on Nicole’s mother’s phone. She would undoubtedly be getting an additional dose of corporal punishment at the hands of her angry mother once she arrived home that evening.On her return to St. Katherine’s Girls’ School, Nicole was accompanied by her mother, Karen. In their meeting with Ms. Storey and Mrs. McNamara, the older lady had explained how she had given her daughter an additional spanking and grounded her indefinitely. Nicole Rannigan managed to stay out of any trouble for the rest of her final year at St. Katherine’s School. 

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