Blonde girl jumps with pussy and ass in cock

Blonde girl jumps with pussy and ass in cock

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =Chapter 11 - The Story of Lorrie= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =I begged Michael to let me write this part of the story. I was taking creative writing in school when all of this went down and, so, I think the story needs my touch. So yes, I was completely in puppy love with Michael at this point. I was also a virgin, technically. Meaning I hadn't actually had a penis inside me. I had had other things, like Mom's purple vibrator, her glass dildo, a cucumber, and some other assorted, um, 'items' inside me. But not a real penis.So, you may ask, why was I in love with Michael? I mean, he was, and still is, basically an old man! I think he's 36 or 38 at this point and I was just past 18. He's as old as my mom. He could be my dad, for Christ's sake. In those older days, I think he was like ready to collect Social Security! (I'm sure he will be spanking me at about this point when he reads this.)Well, it was just Mom and I growing up, 'Dad' was just something other people had, not us. He left before I was born and there never was another man around for very long. Mom had very high standards. She had 'friends' but never 'uncles'. But somewhere along the line, I think I was about thirteen or fourteen, I watched a movie with Mom. It was called 'Tombstone.' Maybe you've seen it. It's the story of Wyatt Earp and his brothers. It starred Kurt Russel as Wyatt, and had lots of other cool people in it. But the reason I'm telling you this, is because this is the first time I saw Sam Elliott. Ahh, my Sam. I used to write his name and draw flowers around it. I used to write my name and his name together, and I would write 'Lorrie Elliott' and fill pages with hearts and flowers! So you don't know him? He was Virgil Earp. Tall, slightly graying hair, and THAT VOICE! Deep baritone, Texas accent, and his character was just a fucking MAN about everything. He was also in Ghost Rider (my second favorite movie, behind Tombstone) as the guy in the graveyard who tells Nicholas Cage what's going on with everything. He did a bunch of TV commercials, including Ram Trucks for the last few years right up to the Zombie Crash.I don't know where he is now, but I'm sure he's in Texas doing just fine. So as you can see, I grew up with this mega crush on some old movie actor.Fast forward till now. We girls were on the run from the zombies, and we were losing people left and right. You can't even imagine the terror and hopelessness of that. (Michael hadn't gone through that so he never explained much about 'the crash' of civilization in this story.) He was all set up there in his bunker drinking cold beers and jacking off. Meanwhile, WE were near death at every step. I got really hurt falling down as we were trying to climb a fence. I could feel hot blood running down my back and I could see the fear in everyone's eyes as we tried to find a house to let us in, away from the relentless killers.I remember getting inside this house, and then passing out. I have glimpses of things from then on, but I'm not sure if they are my actual memories or false ones since I've heard the story so many times.What I do remember is waking up and not knowing what the fuck was going on. I was face down on a bed, pretty much lying in a flood of what smelled like pee (it was mine, yuck!) all in a strange room I had never seen before. Mom came and helped me and tried to fill me in on what was happening; this miracle man had saved our lives at the very last possible moment before we were all eaten alive. He had taken us to a secure place that had food, water, electricity, movies, guns, popcorn, and he wasn't an asshole! He patched me up and kept me from dying of infection.I met him for the first time a little while later that day. I had just found out he was nearly killed the night before getting me some medicine, and he was now training the girls in shooting skills so they could all kill zombies.So here's the scene: He walks in to say 'hello' to me. And he's got a TEXAS accent! Not real strong, but nice, you know? I think maybe he's in his 30's, he's got jeans on and some kind of army sweater on, and military-looking boots. His air, his demeanor, he was just... well he wasn't a pussy, I can tell you that! His handsome face appeared upset about something, and yet he was pure sweetness and kindness to me. As we chatted, he ran a finger around my ear, pushing my hair off my face and behind that ear. I just about melted.Over the next couple of days, while I'm recovering, stories start filtering around how he's having sex with some of the girls, and he's got a big fucking cock. So let's recap. Big cock, good-looking guy, tall, Texas accent, has his shit together, kills zombies without batting an eye, saves damsels in severe distress, likes musicals and retro rock, is apparently good at pleasing the ladies, and he's old. So that's about 89 good things to one not-so-great thing. Fortunately, I've had a life long love affair with my older Sam, so that one thing is not a show-stopper.So like yes, I was totally head over heels, prime time in love with him! Do I have to actually say it? "My Sam" became "My Micheal". All I had to do was convince him that I was so much better than the 8 hot babes already here, not to mention my age-appropriate mother. No problem whatsoever, right? Especially for an injured virgin like myself!Things went along for a time, Michael was banging everyone including my Mom, and completely leaving me alone. He seemed to not really want to look at me at times. Now, I don't want to seem like all stuck up and shit, but I'm pretty damn cute. I was thinking it was maybe my boobs. Guys are so weird. They seem to like boobs, but if you've got over-sized ones like I do, they just make fun of you or get all stupid or, I don't know what. I know there's guys who think that 'more than a handful is a waste', and then there's guys who just love massive tits. How do I know this while remaining a virgin? Simple! I watch a lot of porn and read the comments.So Mom and I talked a lot about him. She was gushing and gave me a few details of their alone time together. I knew she was smitten (her word, not mine) but she also knew it was just kind of a fling; Michael didn't seem to want to get too attached at this point. I was down with that. If it was me and I lived with 8 hot guys, I wouldn't just settle down with one and tell the others to bail!But mom was saying that she thought he liked me, and she had told him that I was in love with him. I just about smacked her for that! But, I was. Late at night, when mom thought I was asleep, I could hear mom giving herself an orgasm. Squishy sounds in a small room, can only be one thing, ya know? Sometimes she would whisper his name. Then she'd fall asleep. Of course, that got me very horny so then I'd have to pleasure myself, also whispering his name.After I cum, I like to dip my fingers in my pussy and spread my orgasm around my stiff nipples. Then, I lick them clean. I think it's very sexy. I got it from watching Mom once with one of her 'friends'. But I added a little twist. After I swallow down my juices, I like to just hug my boobs to my face, like soft warm pillows. Sometimes I kiss and suck my nipples more, but usually they just comfort me. Most nights I drift off to sleep that way.I figured the one thing I could do to get Michaels' attention was to become a world-champion zombie slayer. And so when my back healed I worked very hard and listened to everything he said and I got fucking good at it! Erin is a better shooter than me, but, up close and personal? I'm the best of all the girls. My tools are, a Gerber mini-machete and a long painters pole. On the pole, we worked up a spike with kind of a "Tee" on it. The move is, I use the pole to try and knock down the Zed, then hack his fucking brain with the machete. If he's really big and I can't knock him down, the pole at least keeps his arms off me while I hack them before I get to his stupid head.I used to be kind of like a girly-girl, not very athletic or anything. And I liked dressing up and looking pretty, and I was never bothered with any worldly concerns outside my little circle of friends. In short, I was a narrow-minded twit. But hey, we can all change!Now, I feel naked if I don't have my 1911 and my Mini-machete strapped on me. I feel nervous if I don't also have my pole and my AR strapped on or within arm's reach. I like killing these fuckers, I don't mind saying it. I was just starting to enter the world, and they fucked it all up. I hate them.- - -Okay I just got the stink-eye from Michael. He said I was supposed to write about my first sexual experience with another person, but instead I'm "blathering on about everything except that." I guess he's right, it's his story and I'm only a guest writer. Still, I just stood up and farted in his general direction, just to teach him a lesson.So where were we... Ah yes! The Dance! I didn't go to my Prom because Chris got the flu, so I always felt bad about missing that. And missing the after-prom activities! But Chris was too shy and didn't know what to do anyway... I know, I know! I'm digressing! Jesus Christ you people need to calm down.So, Michael made us a light but wonderful dinner. Obviously, he didn't want us to get filled up! But he was freely pouring the drinks, for sure. He was so kind, and sweet, and staring into my eyes, when he asked me to dance I just nodded because I was about to cry! He pulled me close, our bodies touched. He traced the scar on my back from my neck down to my lower back. It was sexy, not gross, and it just reminded me that this heroic man saved my life on several occasions now, and he was touching ME and dancing with ME.I could feel little stirrings in my pussy during dinner, but good lord I was on fire when we started dancing! His strong arms wrapped around me, his manly scent enveloped me, I just wanted him to completely take me over. As he held me tight, my breasts crushed into him. Does that do anything for him? It did a lot for me. As he pulled me even closer, I could feel something on his right leg. Something hard. I'm sure it was his cock, but I thought it was in the middle between his legs, not on a leg?"Ah," he said. "Excuse me for a second, babe." Michael pulled back and stuck his hand down his own pants. "All better now."I wasn't sure what happened, I guess he straightened himself out. Although I had watched a lot of pornos, the cocks were usually just hard; I didn't know how long it took to go from soft to hard. We giggled about that as he pressed it into me again. This time, I could feel all of his hardness pressed against me. And he said it was for me, I made him that hard. Holy shit! My nipples were hard, I can tell you that, and my pussy seemed to be on fire, a wet fire.Then, he said he liked me. ME! The awkward, mis-proportioned girl! He likes me! A lot! I kissed his cheek, then he turned and he met me with his mouth. Our tongues danced and time seemed to stand still. Next thing I know both his hands are on my ass cheeks, and he's pressing his hard cock into my tummy. I moved a little sideways so I got one of his legs between mine, and I grinded against him like a common slut. But I didn't care, it felt so GOOD!We kissed for several minutes, lost in each others lips. His hands felt so good on my butt, squeezing hard, almost too hard but it not quite. My hands eventually drifted down his sides, and slid under his shirt and I touched his warm, bare skin for the first time. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him. I ran my hands up the front of his chest, feeling the contours of his hard stomach and then the swell of his hard pecs. He flexed for me and I laughed, embarrassing him a little but he got over it."Nice chest, mister." I purred as I massaged him."You too, little lady!" he responded. "I don't think you understand how good you look!"He reached down, and scooped me up in his arms like I was just a piece of paper! We kissed some more, and then he said:"Would you like to..." and I nodded."Wait," he said in surprise. "You don't even know what I'm going to ask!""Well, I hope you're going to ask me to bed!""Oh, sorry sweetheart. I was going to ask if you'd help me wash the Jeep?""Sure," I replied. "And then we fuck after that?" I know, Mom says I have a vulgar, dirty mouth. But this wasn't the time for subtlety. I was burning up.He kissed me again. "Well," he said, laughing. "Maybe the Jeep can wait until tomorrow." He started towards his room, still carrying me."Yeah, maybe it can. Or maybe you'll be too tired and worn out. Virgin busting is hard work, or so I hear."He just smiled and set me down gently after we entered his room. He arranged the air mattress and turned on a soft light, then turned to me."So, you haven't seen a naked man before? In person, I mean?"I shook my head, no."Want to?"I nodded my head, yes."Okay, stay there, I'll strip for you."He unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt, slowly. He pulled it back, exposing his bare chest. I could scarcely breathe. He threw the shirt on the floor. Kicked off his shoes, then pulled his socks off."Last chance!" he said as he stood there with his hands on the fly of his jeans. "You can still back out!"In a slightly quivering voice, I answered. "I might just kill you where you stand if you stop now."He laughed, but I think he saw I wasn't kidding.Turning his back towards me, he undid his fly. Then he lowered his pants, slowly, slowly exposing the crack of his butt cheeks. His ass was perfect. As he removed the pants completely, I marveled at how the muscles in his legs and butt flexed as he moved.He turned towards me with his arms outstretched a little and said "Ta-da!"Staring me in the face was a three-foot monster cock.Well, I was a virgin, remember? It seemed like it was three feet long. He told me later it's about 8 inches. All I know is that it was far bigger than the dildo I had been playing with. Thicker too. I was torn between being scared to death of this thing, and wanting to devour it with my mouth and pussy.Lust won the day, and I started towards him, bending down on my knees when I got there. I just breathed in his scent for a few moments, strong, musky. My hands on his thighs, I knew from the pornos what I was supposed to do, but doing it for real is a different story. I tentatively moved in, and kissed the tip."Hmmm," Michael moaned. "That's nice."I began to make out with his cock, and my right hand came over to grip it. Jesus! The skin is so soft, but underneath is so hard! How is this possible? And the skin moves around on the outside a little, fascinating...Gathering up my courage, I opened my mouth and covered his whole tip with my lips. Good god, my mouth was open almost as much as it could, and I only had about an inch inside! How do those girls deep throat like in the movies? But it felt so cool, so good, and then I had a salty taste in my mouth. I pulled back and I could see this juice ooze from the tip."Pre-cum," Michael said. "It's a lubricant."I went back down on him, oh yeah, I can taste it now. Not bad at all! You know, some women seem to hate the taste of cum, and some love it. Seems like fewer love it, though. I hoped I would like it.After a couple minutes, Michael helped me back up to standing."Baby," he said, breathing heavily. "How about we get you out of this dress?"He turned me around and undid the little clasp in the back. After stepping out of my dress, he slid my underwear off. The moment of truth was coming, he was going to see my oversized boobs in just a few seconds."Ho-holy shit!" Michael exclaimed when he turned me around."Am I," I stammered. "Am I... okay?"Michael held me and kissed me."You're the most gorgeous, perfect woman I've ever seen. Really." And he kissed me hard again.After a few moments, I broke the kiss. I was so hot and wet, I was going to start oozing down my leg."Michael? Um, I'm sure there's like, a protocol, or an etiquette here, or a sequence of events. And I want to do them all at some point. But can we first just, um, well..." I couldn't believe I was all tongue-tied. Usually they can't shut me up."What is it baby? You want to kiss more? Just tell me." He was so sweet."Well can we just skip all the foreplay and get to the fucking? I'm really ready now."He laid me down gently on the mattress, me legs instinctively spread open. I was dripping wet. Michael settled in on top of me, resting his weight on his arms. I could feel his cock bumping around down there, I opened my legs as wide as I could. He reached down to position his cock, and suddenly it was there at my entrance. He rubbed it up and down my slit a few times, coating his cock with my juices. Then he brought his arm back up and rested on it."Please Michael," I whispered. "Fuck me."His cock inched inside me, stretching me out like I could never have imagined. He pressed his hard cock further into me, pulling it back out a little and then sliding forward. I had used a dildo before, but it was nothing like this!After a few 'ohmygods', Michael checked if he was hurting me."No, not at all. But, it's in all the way, right?"He just chuckled.Rising up a little, He then lowered himself completely into me. I gasped as he stretched me further than I thought possible. I couldn't breathe for a moment."That, my dear, is all the way!" Michael laughed again. "You ok?""Just, need a second," I whimpered. Maybe I should have done more of that foreplay, I thought. Michael held still, but kissed me deeply. His tongue circled mine dreamily. He lifted himself up a bit, relieving some pressure, ahh that's better, gave me a little breathing room."Bring your tits up," he told me. He was resting on his hands so he couldn't move.They were splayed out to my sides, I grabbed them and pulled them up to my face, my nipples pointing right at him. He bent his head down and kissed my left nipple, tonguing it softly. I swear to God that a lightning bolt went "Zzzzzttttt!" right from my nipple to my pussy. His warm mouth engulfed my hard nipple and he sucked it inside his mouth. As the sparks continued to fly, he moved over and sucked the other one! God dammit! I pushed them together so my nipples were almost touching each other, he tongued both of them frantically, first one and then the other. My pussy felt like it was on fire! Suddenly, the slight ache down there was gone, replaced by a warm, sensational feeling.Michael pulled his cock most of the way out. I was about to protest when he sank it back inside me, all the way! Then he did it again, and again. Jesus Christ, I thought, NOW I'm getting fucked!I let go of my tits so I could grab his ass and pull him into me. God, it felt so fucking good. I've masturbated a few thousand times, but it was never like this, at all! Soon he put his whole weight on me and I felt... overwhelmed. He was in complete control of me, I couldn't move anything except my pelvis, up and down to meet his strokes. I felt he had me pinned to he bed, like his cock impaled me and I was trapped under him.I loved it. God damn I loved it.Each stroke he ground into my clit. Each stroke I moaned or grunted or made some kind of guttural, primal noise. My pussy was stretched to its limits, but I didn't want him to stop, no fucking way. At some point he reached for and found my left tit. He molested it with his hand so much that I cried out."Sorry baby!" he panted."Pull on it harder goddamit!" I cried.He pressed harder into my tit and pulled and yanked on it, then he brought it up to our faces, so we could both see my nipple. Looking into my eyes, he encircled my rigid nipple, and bit down on it with his teeth.I shrieked with pain/pleasure. The pain shocked me. But what shocked me more was that I liked it."Make it feel better," he said to me, placing my tit right in my face.I gently tongued my nipple, then drew it in my mouth and gently sucked it. I do this all the time, but I always thought it was a little weird to suck on your own body parts. I didn't think anyone else would think it was ok.He told me to hold onto that one while he brought my other tit up. I sucked on my left while he sucked on my right. His fucking had slowed, but he was doing these long, powerful strokes now, slamming into my body. Into my womanhood. Into my fiery pussy."Switch!" he whispered. And we traded tits, kissing in between."Hold them, baby!" he commanded as he rose up on his hands and started REALLY fucking me fast and hard. I pinched and squeezed my nipples and tits as best I could, seeing that they were jiggling all over the place as Michael power-fucked me. As he increased his speed, I felt that wonderful sensation developing in my pussy. My orgasm, it's nearby. It's on its way, it's building up."Michael," I panted. "I'm going to… I'm going to cum soon."From then on it was a bit of a blur. Michael told me later I just panted the word 'Fuck' about a thousand times, with the occasional 'Fuck me Daddy' thrown in just for fun. As my orgasm neared, I arched my back and lost all control."Oh my GOD MICHAEL!!!" I screamed as my orgasm exploded throughout my body. As my pussy trembled and shook, he kept pounding me into this long, stretched out orgasm that I had never even dreamed of before. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I was just a bunch of raw pleasure nerves reacting to this beautiful man and his beautiful cock. Waves of cum spasms involuntarily wracked my body. I remember hearing a woman groaning and moaning, only to realize it was me.Michael reached under my ass with both hands and lifted my pelvis up somewhat and he fast-fucked me even harder. He slipped his middle finger right up my asshole. It felt fantastic. From watching pornos, anal sex always looked interesting, but also very scary and something I could never picture myself doing. Suddenly, it didn't seem all that far-fetched.With a shout of "I'm cumming!", Michael suddenly stopped moving. I felt his cock expand in size, and suddenly I felt flooded with this fantastic hot feeling in my pussy. Then he stroked some more and he felt WONDERFUL in there. Even more slippery than before. His cock trembled many times, and I clenched hard right back at him, squeezing as tight as I could. Yes, I was a virgin, but I knew; Michael had cum inside me. My Sam, my Michael, my hero, my substitute Daddy, had fucked me and cum in my pussy. I was happy beyond words.Michael slumped down on top of me, his skin covered in a light sweat. His iron cock seemed to have shrunk a little, or else I was so stretched, I couldn't tell. He kissed me a little, stroked my face with his fingers, and we giggled a bit as we lay there, completely exhausted and satisfied and yet hyped up, too."Baby," Michael whispered. "I gotta lie down."As he started to roll off me, I started to hate that feeling and instead, I wrapped my legs around him."Take me with you!" I told him. And he did. He rolled onto his back and brought me with him, still with his decreasing cock inside me."Thank you, Michael, thank you thank you thank you" I whispered."No honey, thank you! You are awesome and this was fantastic and holy shit I can't believe it...""It was good ,wasn't it?" I interrupted. "I mean, it was fantastic for me!""God yes Lorrie, for me too, Jesus... You know baby, maybe you should sit up and let those sperm guys out."Oh yeah, good idea. He probably shouldn't have cum inside me. I rose up and sat back, and lifted myself off him. Immediately, a torrent of white cum poured out of me onto him, covering his cock, balls, and thighs."Sorry Michael! Good god that's a lot of cum! Don't worry, I'll clean it up."With only a little hesitation, I licked up the first gob of cum I found on his thigh. Oh god, I was thinking, what if I don't like it? The first taste was okay, salty, thick, kinda weird and gooey. I licked up some more. I could also taste pussy juice, how fucking cool is that! Our juices were mixed together! And, it was fine. In fact, it was good. Greedily, I lapped him up like a cat would at his milk dish, swallowing all of it down. I cleaned up his half-hard cock, he showed me how to grip it at the bottom and push towards the top, getting out the remaining fluid from the internal tube. Mmmmm, more cum right from the tap. When I got to his balls, he warned me to be easy. Balls are so weird, so sensitive, and... ugly... but in a cool way I guess.Michael grabbed me by the hair and gave me a little tug, I snuggled back up with him and we kissed slowly, deeply. He had to have been tasting some of our cum, god he's fucking hot.After we lay there for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, we discovered we were both thirsty, and even a little hungry. I put on his dress shirt he had earlier, it was way too big, but I knew it looked hot on me. I buttoned one of the buttons just to keep it from flying around. Michael didn't put on anything."It's just us here," he said as we went out of his room towards the kitchen.And th
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at's when we bumped in to Mom."Hi guys!" she said, sweetly. She stood there in her little kimono robe which, I was always telling her, was too short for her and didn't cover up much on top, either. Her face looked a little flushed, like she was embarrassed or something."I'll be out of your way in a second!" she said as she grabbed some cookies from a package. She glanced at Michael, who stood there stark naked with a gleaming half-hard cock, then she looked away."Now where's that little tray..." she fumbled around.Suddenly, it hit me. Mom, who was fucking Michael just a few days ago, had kind of given him up so that I could be with him. The only living stud within who knows how many miles, and who can fuck like a champion, and she gave him up. For me.I just went to her and hugged her hard. I cried a little, which upset her."What did you do to her, Michael!" she demanded."No Mom," I said. "It’s not that. He was fantastic. It's just... well... Michael can you give us a couple minutes? I'll bring back something for you."Bewildered, he went back to his room. I watched his ass work as he walked."Honey?" Mom asked me. "What is it?""Mom," I began, and started crying some more. Tears of joy and happiness, but she didn't know that. I just hugged her tightly as she patted me gently."Mom, you didn't have to give him up, for me. I mean, he's fantastic! I could never do that, not in a million years!"Now Mom understood, and she smiled at me. "Oh honey, I just wanted you to have a shot at some happiness. With things the way they are, who knows what's going to happen today, tomorrow, next week? Know what I mean? And, I guess you're happy, I can smell the sex oozing off you!"She played with my hair, showing me some of his cum that was stuck in it. I laughed and held her. She was so soft and Mommy-like, it was nice to hold on to her."So, had fun, did you?"I leered at her. "Oh my fucking God yes. You wouldn't believe how sexy... oh yeah, maybe you would believe how sexy he is!"We chatted a little bit about sexy things and Michael, and then I asked her something that was bothering me."So, Mom. Uh. Anal sex. I um, I want to do it. Tonight. I want to give him everything. But, how do you, um, get ready? I mean we don't have any Astroglide like you use at home...""What do you mean? You've seen me use Astroglide? You're such a little slut!" Mom spanked me on my ass. I thought she was just playing around, but it was a pretty good spank."Well, the truth is yes, I've seen you get ass fucked, but you always used Astroglide. What do we do here?""Well, dearie. I'm a little older, and when women get older they don't always lubricate as much as they used to. I'm sure, for you, that your pussy juice will be enough."Mom sniffed the air. "I know you've got enough pussy juice!""Just pussy juice? But... how? I don't want to get hurt. There's no doctors, you know." The truth was, I really wanted to get butt fucked but I was scared to death of Michael's big cock in there. But I knew some of the other girls took him, so I had to be at least as good as they were at it."Well you just," started Mom. "See, you take some... oh for heaven's sakes. Lean up against the counter. Goddamn kids these days I swear to God, can't figure anything out. Go on, spread your legs, yes like that."Mom reached under the shirt I was wearing, and she touched my pussy."Mom!" I gasped.She easily slipped two fingers inside me as far as they would go, then she finger fucked me for about thirty seconds or so. I could feel my arousal building, and I could feel my juices starting to flow again."See? So you get your fingers as juicy as you can, then you bring them here." She pulled out her fingers and then rubbed my asshole, depositing my juices on it. She repeated that again, only this time she pressed a single finger inside my ass a little bit."Okay so far?" I nodded. "You've got to go slow. I mean, He has to go slow." Mom slipped her finger completely inside me, in my butt. It felt wonderful. Strange, but wonderful.She pulled up my shirt, completely exposing my ass cheeks. "He should also use some spit, like this."Mom dribbled some hot spit onto my asshole. Her finger continued to fuck my butt as her other hand rubbed my pussy. Then she pulled her finger out my butt, but instantly I could feel TWO fingers pressing against my backdoor. Oh shit!I gasped as she entered me that way. They slid in, but oh man oh man was it tight! I felt like the Alaskan Pipeline had just entered me, when in fact two fingers weren't even half as long or half as wide as Michael's cock. I don't know how this is going to work. I'll never be able to fit his cock back there..."Whatchoo ladies doin'?" asked Michael.I turned my head, stunned to see him, ashamed. Mom continued to finger fuck both of my holes as if nothing was out of the ordinary."Well, in her eternal quest to please you, this little chica wants to prepare herself for an anal fucking from you. Knowing how big your cock is, I figured I better get her ready, somewhat, at least."Michael stepped close to me and cupped my breast as it hung down. His previously limpish cock was now at full attention again."Seems like it's going pretty well," he said. "Can I help with anything?""Well," said Mom. "I was about to tell her that a tongue is good to help out, too. But since you're here maybe you can do that."Michael cocked his head to one side and thought for a moment. "No, maybe you should do it. You have much more experience getting butt-fucked than I do. Show me how it should be done."With feigned disgust, Mom withdrew her fingers from my ass and proceeded to bend down and plant her face between my cheeks. I jumped just a bit as her hot tongue probed inside my ass. Never in ten thousand years did I think my mom would one day be licking my asshole, or that I would want her to do that. Yet, here we were, and I was loving it.Michael continued to massage my tit, and he talked as Mom rimmed me."Uh huh. I see what you're doing there. Yep. No no, keep going. you're doing great. Lick Lorrie's asshole like you're doing. Yeah..."I could feel pussy juice running down my leg. "Guys!" I said. "I can't stand here like this much longer."We moved to Michael's bedroom."I think," Michael was saying as he took off my/his shirt. "We should lay her on her back, that way her pussy juices will just flow into her butt. Gayle, you work her pussy and I'll work on these tits. We will get you juicy, don't worry, baby."True to his word, Michael started working very hard on my right tit. Squeezing, kneading, mashing, kissing, licking, all kind of at once.Mom put two fingers back up inside my pussy and started flexing them inside me, stimulating my juices. Her thumb rubbed on my clit. together with the sparks coming from my nipples, I was very soon catching fire.Suddenly, something very warm and gentle touched my clit. Michael was still sucking my tit like he had never seen one before. So that meant...that thing on my clit, it had to be a tongue. It had to be Mom's tongue! Mom was licking my pussy, my cunt. She thrust three or four fingers, or maybe her whole hand inside my pussy as she licked my lips and clit, now finger fucking me fast and hard.Michael decided that this was the time he should slap my tits. 'Increases the blood flow', he said. As he gripped my tit where the skin rose from my chest, the end of my tit and the nipple were extended out unnaturally. And that's where he slapped me. Easy and playful at first, but each one got a little harder, made a little more noise. Fuck… I loved it.Mom pulled out her hand from my cunt, and forced it against my now soaked butt hole. Her fingers went in a little, then she pulled them back.Each time Mom rammed her fingers into my butt, I yelped. And that's when Michael would slap my tit. As Mom continued to lick my pussy and they both assaulted my tits and ass, I came in about two minutes.Pussy juice flowed out of me, I could feel it running out of my slit and down onto my ass."I think she's ready," said Mom.Michael maneuvered around me and got between my legs. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it underneath my ass, making my pelvis stick up in the air somewhat. He positioned himself at my backdoor."Wait!" Mom hollered. "You aren't going in there dry, are you?"Again with the mock disgust, Mom leaned over and sucked Michael's cock, slobbering all over it."Okay, proceed." Mom announced.His cock head pressed into my ass, and I felt it kind of 'plop' into me as his mushroom head gained access. I stiffened from the sensation. Again, I felt like he was going to tear me apart with his cock."Easy please!" I whimpered. But I needed to take him inside me. He must fuck my ass. All the other girls are doing it. And if they aren't, well too bad. I need to be the one giving him what he needs.Mom bent down to my face and told me to relax, it will be fine. Then she kissed me for a moment on the lips, and smiled at me. She then went back down to my puss and forced her way in so she could lick my clit.Ahhhh... that's what I needed. Mom's tongue on my clit while Michael slowly fucked my ass little by little. Going deeper. Into the bad place. With my Mom licking my cunt. Are you kidding me? My mind was spinning in circles as crazy thoughts went through my head. Mom's licking my cunt... I think about licking hers... and it doesn't scare me. In fact I want to. And I want to suck her tits, and for her to suck mine, and I want everyone to suck my tits. And I want 20 guys to stand in a circle around me and jerk off on me and cover me in cum, and Mom can lick it up for me. And I want..."GODDAMMIT FUCK!" I hollered as Michael sunk himself about 18 inches inside my ass. He pulled back out and sank it back inside. Jesus Christ I'm really getting butt-fucked now!Mom was getting her head bashed a little, so she came up and kissed me with her girl-cum-covered lips. God, I taste good. I thought. I'm such a slut, I also thought. Mom reached back down, and finger fucked me in time with Michael's strokes. I panted like a dog. Like a fucking dog in heat. Speaking of dogs, I always wanted to do it that way."Michael," I gasped. "Can you stop for a second. I want to," (gasping for air!) "I want you to, fuck me doggy style." Michael pulled out, giving me a completely empty feeling.Mom looked concerned for a moment, like she was going to be left out or something."Baby," she said. "I think you still need vaginal stimulation for this. Tell you what, I'll lay down on my back, like this, and you straddle me. No, with your head down there. This way I can lick your cunt while he fucks your ass. You'll be fine this way."Okay Mom, I thought. Michael just smiled at us. Mom put the pillow under her head as I crawled over the top of her. She still had her kimono on, but just barely. I felt her hot tongue inside my pussy lips and on my clit as she licked me up and down."See?" she asked. "This will be fine."Michael worked his way in between my legs and Mom's shoulders and arms, and got ready again."Gayle, lube me up again?" he asked. I felt Mom withdraw from me for a minute or so. I guess she was licking Michael's cock, I just know that I was feeling a little lonely just sitting here on all fours with nothing to do. Suddenly, Mom's mouth was back on my cunt and Michael's cock was halfway in my ass."Oh my fucking god!" I hollered! This was way better than being on your back! His cock slid in, then went farther, and he buried himself up to the hilt. I felt so full, so filled up, so complete. With Mom licking my pussy and Michael pounding my ass, I instantly slipped into an ecstatic state. My arms and legs lost control, I slumped down smack on top of Mom. Now when Michael fucked my ass, it pushed my cunt hard into Mom's face. I don't know how she breathed, but she seems to be okay.Meanwhile, as I collapsed, My face landed right in Mom's bare pussy. Her heady scent wafted in my nose, her juicy lips covered my cheeks. Without any prior history of touching a girl, or even really ever thinking about it, I instinctively knew what to do. I kissed her lips, sucked her clit, buried my face between her folds, smearing her juices all over my face. I ate my Mom's pussy with complete abandon.Somewhere in the middle of all this, Michael spanked my ass. I let out a yelp and asked him what that was for? He responded by spanking my other cheek even harder. "Fucker!" I hollered out to him."Want me to stop?" He teased.I turned to look at him. All sweaty from head to toe, his muscles gleaming in the light, he smiled at me as he slapped my ass again, while he continued to buttfuck me.= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =Chapter 12 - It's All About Me= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =Okay, enough is enough. Lorrie, you write like a girl. Too much of that touchy-feely shit.So there I was, anally raping Lorrie while her Mom and her sixty-nined like a couple of professional lesbians. Lorrie's ass was so tight, I shit you not. And to see her Mom's face under there, mostly obscured of course, but you could see a little, well it was fucking awesome. This was better than any daydream I could have concocted.I thought the only thing to make this better was a little ass-spanking. So that's what I did, started spanking Lorrie's ass. Each slap echoed in my little room, and each slap was followed by a whimper from Lorrie. She turned around to look at me, her face glistening from her Mom's pussy juices, her hair stringy with sweat, her eyes a little glassy, I've never seen her more beautiful.As Lorrie continued to stare into my eyes, she lurched, I felt her ass clamp down on me; she was cumming again. I spanked her harder and faster, her head jerked but she held my gaze, until finally she slumped back down on top of Mommy like a rag doll.I fucked her hard for a few more strokes, fucked her as she lay face down in her mom's twat.In seconds, I came too. With a fury, my cock trembled and shook and I emptied my raging sperm deep inside my baby girl's ass. Wave after wave, shot after shot, I finally finished cumming after almost a minute. My cock was physically tired, I could feel it straining from all the cumming like a sore leg muscle after running a long way. I reluctantly pulled out of her gorgeous ass, but I was treated to a nice surprise.From her gaping asshole, my cum poured out, right into Gayle's waiting mouth. She purred as she licked all of me up. With her mouth closed, Gayle pushed Lorrie off and onto her back. Then Gayle bent down and, with her hands, opened Lorrie's mouth. Gayle slowly opened her own mouth, and my cum slowly, ever so slowly, dripped from her mouth into Lorrie's waiting mouth.Lorrie savored the cum glob for a few moments before she swallowed it down. Gayle and her then kissed for a long time.Me? I fell onto the mattress, utterly spent. My cock lay there like a dead soldier, or more like a complaining soldier. 'No more, let me rest!' it seemed to say. Hey little buddy, it was worth it, wasn't it? You bet your ass it was.Time drifted, they both snuggled up to me, pressing their warm boobs against me and draping their legs over parts of me. I mentioned water again, because I never got any the first time. Lorrie jumped up and returned with two glasses for all of us to share."Everybody okay?" I asked. Threesomes can be difficult sometimes. It all looks like fun but sometimes there are hurt feelings. Mix in some Mother/Daughter stuff, and I didn't know WHERE any of us stood at the moment."Gayle?" I continued. "Did you get to cum?""Only about three times honey, thanks for asking. I'm good. Great, in fact. Lorrie?"Lorrie leaned across me to kiss her mom on the lips, dragging a big fucking tit right in my face. Then she withdrew, and kissed me."I'm okay. Tired, but a good tired. I can't believe what we did, what I did. Thank you both.""Thank YOU both!" I said. "This was undoubtedly the greatest night of my life."They both squeezed me tight. We drifted off to sleep, each tired and satisfied and happy.- - -"Michael!" the radio blared. "Michael! Help! We've got company! Michael!!"I scrambled out of my warm slumber with my two babes, punched the transmit button."What's going on?""Get down here! We've got a hundred zombies at least! They are inside the store!""Okay we'll be right down as fast as we can! Hang on!"The girls were already moving. "Full gear, RFN, ladies! You can put on some of it in the Jeep!"Sounded like the shit was hitting the fan, I wanted helmets, arm protectors, shin guards, everything we had.We hauled ass down to main street, weapons hot and ready to go. In spite of the danger, there were a few smirky looks passed back and forth, kind of like "Yeah we're going in to battle, but the fucking sure was fun last night!"I rounded the corner a few hundred yards from hardware store, where everybody was holed up. Zombies crowded around the front door. Yeah, at least a hundred. Erin was popping off some headshots, but it was just a drop in the bucket.Think, think! I didn't want to just shoot them. Then they'll swarm us. This is like some kind of damn herd.We had checked on the radio. Our people were trapped, but not in immediate danger. Zed had forced them into a bedroom, which was holding strong. Erin had climbed out the window onto the facade roof.Right by us, next to Mountain Realty, was Jim's Fix It Shop. I looked in the window and saw a bunch of tools and broken TVs and other shit. And wire. Spools of wire. I can do something with this! The Dynamic Mother/Daughter duo of Gayle and Lorrie covered me as I broke into the store and got the spools. Zed was busy making noise down the street, they didn't hear me."Call Erin, tell her to keep it up, keep their attention."I had Gayle drive us closer, about 75 yards from the nearest Zed."Yeah Daddy-man," Erin replied. "But I'm down to my last mag. I'll just wave at them for awhile. If you're gonna do something, sooner would be better!"I got out while the Duo covered me, engine idle, ready to roll. I mean, worse came to worst, we could just drive into a few of them, then drive around town as they followed us. Spread them out some so we could engage them a few at a time. But I wanted to try this wire thing first.I undid some wire and wrapped it around the nearest streetlight. With pliers, I twisted and tied it off very tight, about a foot off the ground. I crossed the street and tied the wire to a streetlight on that side, also about a foot off the ground and as tight as I could make it. It plucked like a guitar string.We backed up to the next streetlight about hundred feet away, and tied another piece of wire across the street about a foot high. Did that four more times.We checked around, no Zeds had snuck up behind us from the main road. Radioed Erin, told her to get back inside. I nodded to Gayle, she blew the Jeep's horn.Instantly, about half the streetwalkers turned to look at us. We blew the horn again and jumped up and down and yelled They moaned, turned, and started ambling towards us."Ladies, be ready if this doesn't work." I was pretty scared, actually. If this didn't work, we were pretty well fucked. I didn't know if we could hold off a hundred of these shitbirds.The first Zachs got to the wire, Foomp! Down they went! The Tripwire was working! They just kept falling over each other! Dumbasses! As they spread out in the confusion, a few went outside the pole and the wire, but then those guys zeroed in on us in the middle of the street and hit the next wire. Down went those guys!When old Zach goes down, he doesn't just pop right back up. Balance and coordination are not his thing. Depending on their condition, it can take 30 seconds, a minute, even more for them to get upright again. Those that did, fell down on the next wire.We hooted and hollered, enjoying their slapstick antics. After a couple minutes, with still a couple wires between us, Lorrie and I marched out to meet them. We had our AR-15s slung on our backs, I had my spiked Crovel and Lorrie had her long poker stick."I got the first one!" Lorrie called out. Stab! Right in this dead guy’s head. He stopped squirming."Let's stay close to each other," I warned. We didn't want to get surrounded. But it wasn't too likely. We casually stabbed a few, then ten, then 20 and 30. I love saving ammo.Eventually the pressure reduced on our people in the building; they staged a murderous breakout and joined us on the street, poking Zed in his dead head, making sure he was re-dead.Well, the smell was fucking atrocious. And now we had 147 dead guys in the street. Tina counted them."Where did these fuckers come from, I wonder?"The boys, Wyatt and Morgan, looked a little sheepish."Well," explained Morgan. "We were ah, we were cranking some music last night. You know, just having a little party. It was pretty late, maybe like 2 or 3 o'clock. Next thing we know a few of these guys started milling about in the street. We figured we would get them in the morning...""Yeah," piped in Erin. "Then, this morning, they crashed through the glass door, even though it was boarded. We scrambled into a room, all we had was my pistol, radio, and my six magazines.""What did you use to break out?" I asked.Wyatt jumped in. "We busted up the furniture, got some good boards. Erin shot the first few, then we beat the rest down until we could get our weapons."I was kind of pissed at them for getting themselves into trouble. But I was also pretty impressed. They didn't panic, they improvised, they overcame, they fought hard, they killed Zed.We figured there must have been a herd passing by on the highway. They heard the music and decided to come take a look. I read about the herds a few days ago. When Zed has no stimulus, he just kind of stands there. Then a bird flies by, and he follows it, even after it has gone out of sight. Zach, who is also just standing there, sees Zed walking with a purpose. He doesn't want to miss out on the action, so he follows him. Zena sees two of her friends charging ahead and says yeah baby, I'm with ya! Next thing you know, 147 dead shitheads are walking down the street, following god-knows-what but they can't stop now!Well the Tripwire worked, gotta do more of that. We gotta get our defenses up. We can't just have these guys storming our town! We gotta get some security.We spent the rest of the day cleaning up. The other remaining townsfolk came out to help, too. Picking up dead Zeds is hard work. We dragged them all about a quarter mile down main street, down wind. Shee-it we gotta think of something.During all the hauling and dragging, word got out that Lorrie and I had done it. And that Momma Gayle had joined in. There were some smirks, giggles, and maybe some hurt feelings, too. Some of the girls were thinking I was off the market and were jealous.We broke for lunch. As we munched down Dennison's chili, Erin finally shot the elephant in the room."So uh... you guys all married now, or what?"I was a little hurt, after all, Erin helped arrange this whole thing! Now she seemed a little pissy."You know," I began. "We don't really have any rules right now. Except for the Patsy rule, which is if you are a threat to me and us then you get to leave. But, well, normal society has broken down. I think we are all feeling, pretty free right now. I mean, yeah, we have things to do, but we can also do what we want. To some extent, anyway."So, yeah, I love Lorrie. And I love Gayle. And Erin. And Kaitlyn, Payton, Tina, Lizzy, Kristin. I love all of you. Morgan and Wyatt, I like you guys a lot, but we aren't at the love stage yet." They made funny gestures of wiping their brows in relief."I guess what I'm saying is, chill out, we're figuring this out as we go along."People seemed to be okay with that. Like Gayle said early on, I needed to watch my step with these girls, or they may all turn on me."Hey stud!" Lorrie jabbed at me as we went back to work. "Nice speech.""Yeah right ," I chuckled."So am I ... just one of the girls? It's okay. I just want to know."Ack. Here it is."Lorrie... in the real world, you would be my number girl of all time. In fact, you are that. Now. But, these are difficult times and we can't afford to have everyone pissed at each other right now..."I grabbed a pair of dead feet, Lorrie grabbed his hands. We swung him up into a wheel barrow."Yeah yeah yeah. I'm just busting your balls.""Huh?" I asked, bewildered."Michael, I want to have more sex with you. A lot more. I am in love with you, too. But I know what you mean about what's been happening with everybody. We need to work out an arrangement here. I'll think about it."Okay, I thought, think on."Oh," she continued. "Thanks for breaking my cherry. I'd suck your cock right now, except itprobably has zombie gunk on it!""Hey baby, I never got to lick you up! I owe you!""Yes you do!""Hey Lorrie," I said seriously. "I don't want to lose you.""You can't. I have an idea for tonight, though, Big Daddy. You might like it."She was right, I did like it. = = = To be Continued = = =   

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