Woman deep in the ass

Woman deep in the ass

Twenty-seven-year-old Anthony Prentiss stared at the clock for what seemed like the one-hundredth time. He couldn’t wait until 7pm so he could get out of here. This was his Friday and it had been a very long week.  “Stop doing that,” Lisa said. She was one of his shift-mates and she was just as eager to get off work. They were both Tier 1 tech support specialists for an IT company.Anthony frowned at her. “Stop what?” he asked, in confusion.“Staring at the clock. It won’t move. It’s slow enough as it is,” Lisa explained.Anthony scoffed. Man, she’s just ready to run home to her husband, he thought. Lucky fucka'. Lisa was fine as hell, short thick and caramel, just like he liked them. But she was a goody-two-shoes and loved her husband. She’d never creep with him.Anthony himself didn’t know why he was in such a hurry to head home. It wasn’t like he had anyone there waiting for him. He had been single for about six months now after his last relationship ended. The woman he was seeing was high maintenance and he didn’t make enough money on his job to keep her attention. She had been living with Anthony and she just up and left him. She moved all of her stuff out of the apartment and left him a note saying he wasn’t doing it for her anymore and she met someone else.  Anthony was crushed but realized it may have been a blessing in disguise. The relationship wasn’t going anywhere anyway except making him broke. He wasn’t looking forward to starting over in social life but he was determined at making a go of it. Dark-skinned and tall at six feet and built like an NFL wide receiver, Anthony wasn’t a bad looking dude. Surely shawty was replaceable.That was then and this is now. Thus far, single life sucked for Anthony and it didn’t look as if things would change anytime soon.  He had three days off coming up though and he should be able to find something to get into. The weather was nice outside although it was somewhat cool. Maybe a drink at a nice outdoor cafe would be in order.He had another hour to go. Anthony and Lisa took a few calls but there wasn’t much work to be done. Then suddenly there was loud applause and they looked up. A group of people in a different section of cubicles seemed to be celebrating something. They were the Crisis group and they were the Tier 3 engineers that worked on the really tough customer issues. The group was starting to break up and looked to be headed home. All except for a couple of people, the group’s director, Paul Wesley and his executive assistant, Lilith Rush.Anthony aspired to get a spot on the Tier 2 team, which handled escalations from the Tier 1 group. They worked on tough customer issues and it would’ve been a good career move for Anthony. He and Lisa would be vying for the next spot in the group that came open.  Neither of them expected to ever be able to land a spot with the Tier 3 group. The Tier 3 group handled special projects and testing new products that the company planned and researched. They built out the network and occasionally took on very tough customer issues. They were the best engineers the company had.Soon only Paul and Lilith were left in the area and Anthony watched Lilith.  He snickered to himself. The woman seemed to always be stressed. And she dressed like some housewife from the ‘50s. She had reddish dirty blonde hair that seemed to stay unkempt, big thick glasses that stayed down on her nose, and too much red lipstick. It made her lips look plump as hell but contributed to her nerdy look. She didn’t wear a wedding ring, which seemed to be just as well. The woman probably had a whole gang of cats at home to keep her company.  Anthony guessed Lilith was probably in her late '40s or early '50s. He only spoke to her every so often in passing, maybe brief conversation at the most. She seemed to have a ditzy air about her and she was the butt of a lot of jokes in the office. But also from what he had heard, Lilith was very good at her job. That plus she seemed to have no social life was the reason why Paul seemed to keep her working late a lot. Anthony watched as the pair left while he still had a half-hour to go. He snorted and peered at the clock again. He looked over at Lisa, who was scowling at him again. Anthony shook his head.Finally, 7 pm came around and shift change occurred. Anthony and Lisa walked together towards the door. “Finally…” Anthony said, “I didn’t think 7 pm was EVER getting here. What do you have planned for your days off?”Lisa shrugged. “I’m just chillin' with the Mister. We will come up with something,” she replied.“Cool.  Well, then you enjoy your time off,” Anthony said with a smile.“You too,” Lisa said. “You parked in the garage today?”“Yes,” Anthony said. Lisa had parked outside on the opposite side of the building.“Okay, see ya,” Lisa said, turning and heading the other way. Anthony watched her walk away, admiring her booty cakes. He shook his head as he walked towards the elevator.As he left the building and entered the garage, he noticed there were only a couple of cars left. Usually, the other people on shift park in the garage as well, especially during inclement weather. As he approached his car, he noticed someone sitting in the other car in the area. He stared closer and saw that it was Lilith Rush. She seemed upset.Hmm, he thought. Should he be a gentleman and see if she needed help?  He sighed. The least he could do was to check on her. He headed in her direction. When he came up to her car, he tapped on her window. Lilith jumped. She wasn’t even paying attention to her surroundings. She opened her door and looked at Anthony annoyingly.“Hi, Lilith. Is everything okay?” Anthony asked.Lilith stared at him for a second then she frowned. “My car won’t start,” she said softly.Anthony knew a few things about cars. He saw she drove an older model Chevy Impala. “Try the ignition,” he suggested. Lilith looked at him then she turned the key in the ignition. There was a click then nothing. Anthony frowned. “Uh oh,” he said softly.“What do you think is wrong with it?” Lilith asked with dread.“It could be the starter, but more than likely it’s your timing belt,” Anthony said.“Is that really serious?” Lilith asked.Anthony nodded. “I’m afraid so. Did you call for a tow?” he asked.“No. I was hoping I could get a jump,” Lilith said sadly.“We can try that,” Anthony said. “I have some cables in my car. I’ll be right back.”He ran over to his car and jumped in. He drove it over beside Lilith’s car and popped the trunk. He retrieved his jumper cables and attached the cables to Lilith’s battery after she popped the hood on her car. When Anthony gave her the thumbs up, Lilith tried the ignition again. Once again, there was a click then nothing.“That confirms it,” Anthony said glumly.“Shit,” Lilith lamented. “I’ll have to wait until morning to get it towed.”Anthony looked at her. “How are you getting home?  Do you have anyone who can come get you?” he asked.“No,” Lilith said.  “I was hoping maybe… you can give me a ride home,” she said in a little voice.Anthony let out a sigh. He knew the answer to his question when he asked it. Inward, he cringed when she asked him. I can’t leave her hanging like this. Oh well, he thought. He put on a smile for her and nodded.“I mean, I’ll pay you gas money. I don’t have a problem with that,” Lilith said hopefully.“Lilith, it’s okay.  Go ahead and lock up your car.” Anthony said.Lilith smiled and got her things from her car. “I sooo very much appreciate this. Thank you, Anthony,” she said with relief.Anthony opened the passenger side door for her and she got in. As she did, he noticed for the first time how shapely her legs were. He closed the door then got in on the driver’s side. He started the car and took off.“I know you’re glad to be off,” Anthony said. “Seems like Mr. Wesley keeps you guys working late.”“Yeah, we work a lot of late hours,” Lilith confirmed.“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Anthony asked.Lilith turned and looked at him flirtingly. “Why, are you asking me out?” she asked.Anthony looked at her in shock.  “Why, Lilith… is that a joke from you? I always thought you were so very serious,” he said with a smile.“Mmm, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself,” Lilith said. “I don’t have any plans. Just relaxing at home.”“Alone?” Anthony asked with a smile.Lilith returned his smile. “Yes, Anthony, alone.  And no, I don’t have any cats.”Anthony laughed. “You heard about the cat jokes, huh?” he asked.Lilith nodded. “Yes, I did. People are cruel,” she said.“Yes, they can be,” Anthony said.“No one ever takes the time to get to know me. They might be surprised at what they find out,” Lilith said.“Really?” Anthony asked with a smirk. Lilith just grinned but didn’t reply back.They got to her apartment building and Anthony parked.  He looked at Lilith and smiled. “Well, I hope you get your car situated,” he said with a smile.Lilith smiled at him. “Thank you for the ride. I really appreciate it,” she said.“It’s all good. It wasn’t like I had anything planned,” Anthony replied.“In that case, why don’t come up and have a drink with me? I like to have a glass of wine to unwind. Maybe I have something a little stronger,” Lilith offered.Anthony was surprised. This was the last thing he expected.  Was this chick hitting on him? Maybe she was. She was smiling widely at him. The bright red lipstick made her lips look very plump but she had a wide gracious mouth. Thoughts of what his hard dick would look like between those lips began to cloud his mind. Fuck it, why not, he thought.“Uhh, sure.  Fine, one drink,” Anthony said, and they both got out of the car.  He smiled as Lilith went past him and led the way to the building door.  He eyed her shape under the crimson but formless dress she wore. She appeared to have some hips on her and there might’ve been some ass attached to them. Not bad, he thought. Hey, this is fun, he said to himself.  Wondering what her body looked like. I’ll bet this woman is a freak behind closed doors, Anthony continued in his mind. So what if she’s pushing fifty?  Older women need love too. She actually resembled a thick, red-headed Sandra Bernhard with glasses. Anthony would certainly toss her around a bit.They went inside the building and to the elevator. Neither of them spoke but Lilith kept stealing little looks at Anthony and once, he could’ve sworn she actually licked her lips in anticipation. Anthony didn’t know whether or not to be aroused or alarmed but he would see where all of this would lead.They got off the elevator on the fourth floor and came to Lilith’s apartment. She opened the door and welcomed him inside. Anthony took in the furnishings. She was neat; everything was in its place. The place smelled good and surprisingly, there were no pets around. So much for the cat woman.“Have a seat and I’ll get you that drink,” she said, heading off to the kitchen. Kneeling down under her sink, she called out, “I have bourbon, rum, whiskey, vodka or wine. Choose your poison.”Wow, thought Anthony. “I’ll take a bourbon on the rocks,” he said.Lilith made the drink and poured herself a glass of white wine. She came over and handed Anthony his drink and she sat down beside him. She took a sip and put her glass down. She smiled sweetly at him. “I know we don’t talk much at the job. Hell, I don’t talk much to anyone. And Paul works us like slaves. Well, me anyway. There’s never any fun.  Just stress.” she said.“Doesn’t make for a good work environment huh?” Anthony asked, sipping his drink.“No, it doesn’t,” Lilith said. “Then I just come home and try to relax.”“Uh, where are the cats?” Anthony asked playfully, looking around.Lilith laughed heartily. “There are no cats,” she stated.“You don’t date?” Anthony asked.She smiled. “Not for a very long time,” she said.  “Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a man sitting here in my living room.”“Wow…” Anthony said.She gave him a particularly lecherous look then took a big gulp of her wine before sitting the glass down. “Actually, I have to be honest with you, Anthony,” she said. “It does get rather lonely sometimes. And even an old bat like me has wants and desires. I dream about the chance to have a man lavish some attention on me. All I do is play on the computer and watch porn. Sometimes play with my toys, getting myself ready for when the time is right.”  She slid over closer to Anthony and smiled at him.  “I’ve always thought you were handsome. I mean, I’d never approach you but I never imagined being alone with you. Yet here you are. You are so beautiful with your smooth dark skin and bald head; so strong and so sexy,” she said softly.  Anthony was in a state of total shock. Lilith hesitantly reached over and lightly touched his shoulder. “Mmm, I love these big arms and broad shoulders,” she whispered, her voice a bit hoarse. Anthony was still too shocked to protest. Emboldened, her hand ran down his chest down to his leg and went to his crotch. “Ooh yes, you make me want to ravish you... ” Lilith cooed, grabbing a handful of Anthony’s crotch. “Yummy…” she said.Anthony finally snapped out of it and backed away from her. He couldn’t believe how she was acting.  “Damn Lilith,” he exclaimed.Lilith immediately regretted what she did and she sat back and sulked. “I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It’s just that… I never have company, let alone male company. And I get so horny. The toys can get boring sometimes, you know? The real thing would be nice. And here you are.  I kinda lost it a little… I apologize,” she said.Anthony took all of this in and looked at her sadly. He actually was fighting his bulging hard-on from her touching him. The thought of sex with her was becoming more and more appealing. But he’d play the role for a while longer. He was curious about how far she would go. “Are you that hard up, Lilith? I mean, there are escorts you can call,” he suggested.“Oh heavens, I couldn’t do that,” she answered. “I mean, they would be discrete and that’s fine but I really want to be desired.  I don’t think I’m half bad for an old lady.”Anthony smiled.  “How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?” he said.“I’m forty-eight,” Lilith answered. “And I feel I have a nice body for my age.”“Do you really?” Anthony asked, trying not to smirk.“Mm-hmm.  And I can put something on to show you if you want to see,” Lilith replied hopefully.Anthony laughed. It was the clumsiest come-on he had ever experienced. “Are you trying to seduce me?” he asked playfully.She gave him a sheepish look. “I-I suppose I am.  I mean, I’ll pay you,” she said in a small voice.Anthony shook his head pitifully. “No, no… You don’t have to do that,” he said. “Tell you what.  Let me see what you wanted to change into.”Lilith smiled and jumped up. “I’ll be right back,” she said.Anthony smiled and continued sipping his drink. When she was out of sight, he shrugged his shoulders. “Why not?” he said to himself out loud. “I’m gonna at least get my dick sucked.”After about fifteen minutes, he had laid his head back on the couch. The door to Lilith’s bedroom opened and she came out. Anthony’s jaw dropped at what he saw. She wore a very naughty black lace bra/panty/garter set. She sported a pair of very nice 38DD breasts and slimmer waist and a very soft-looking, thick bottom. She still wore those glasses but now they gave her a very slutty nerdy look that made Anthony’s nature rise. She must’ve not had any stilettos because she wore some tall black Agent Scully heels but they cut her legs up very nicely. They gave her ass a very nice bend.She came over and stood in front of Anthony. She put her hands on her hips. “Well, what do you think?” she asked.Anthony gulped. “Wow, Lilith…” was all he could manage to say. He reached up to touch her thighs but stopped short. He looked up at her. “May I?” he asked.Lilith was thrilled  “Please do,” she said, nodding.Anthony ran his hands along her hourglass shape. He caressed her hips down to her thighs. Her legs were so shapely and her thighs thick. He heard her moan at his touch. Then he cupped her opulent booty cakes. Yes, her body had a bit of mileage but it was luscious.He pulled her over and sat her down on the couch. “Here, sit down.  Let me see that treasure between these thighs,” he said softly.Lilith lay back and spread her legs apart. She was shaved smooth except for a patch of reddish blonde hair on top of her mons venus.  Anthony tried not to drool when he gazed upon her dewy lovepie. It was wet and tingling with anticipation.  He squeezed her mons venus slightly with a couple of fingers and Lilith sucked in her breath. “Oooh.  That feels so good.  It has been so long since I’ve been touched like that. Thank you,” she moaned.Anthony’s dick was harder than petrified steel. It pushed hard against his pants, forming a big tent. Lilith spied the bulge and sat up.  “Oh shit, did I do that?” she asked in amazement. She reached over to touch his crotch. “Please let me see it,” she pleaded.  Anthony smiled but didn’t reply. His eyes said it all and gave her permission to go further. Lilith smiled and unzipped his fly. She reached inside and pulled out his throbbing eight-inch member. She stroked it a little, enjoying how his shaft felt in her hand.  Anthony moaned and stood up so that she could get at him better.“My, my, my… ” she cooed.  “So dark and beautiful.”
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She eased off the couch and got down on her knees.  “I have to taste it.  May I?” she asked, looking up at him.  Anthony was delirious with desire and nodded enthusiastically. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down around his ankles then stepped out of them.Lilith watched him in anticipation. Anthony took off his shirt as well. When he was naked in front of her, Lilith looked at him with her eyes full of lust. Her hands reached around his back and grabbed his backside lovingly. After squeezing and caressing for a minute, her eyes refocused on his waiting, throbbing dick. She licked her lips as she prepared to devour him. Then she stopped short for a minute.“I have to do something first,” she said, a concerned look on her face. She got up and went into the kitchen. She came back with another glass with water in it. She came back over and got down on her knees in front of Anthony.Anthony watched her curiously. He did not know what the hell she was doing but he wanted her to get busy on his dick.  Then Lilith reached into her mouth and pulled.  Anthony’s eyes got big as her teeth came loose from her mouth and she dropped them into the glass.  She gave Anthony an embarrassed look.  “Sorry,” she said glumly.Oh snap, she got false teeth, Anthony thought.  He had never had his dick sucked by a woman with no teeth. This should be really good.  “It’s okay, Lilith,” he coaxed her.Lilith’s face brightened and she smiled. She opened her mouth and stuffed Anthony’s dick inside.  He felt her warm wet saliva and gums surround his shaft. She sucked gently, lapping her tongue along the bottom.  She was pretending his dick was a thick chocolate candy bar and she enjoyed herself.Anthony gently grabbed the back of her head and eased more dick into her throat. Fuck, her mouth felt good. For someone who supposedly was out of practice, she was doing very well. She wasn’t gagging and looked very at ease with her throat full. Her tongue was long and wet and she knew how to use it. Her red lipstick smeared all on his shaft as she sped up her sucking.OMG, I’m going to fuck the dogshit out of this bitch, Anthony thought. He couldn’t believe how dope her body was, either. Her thighs were thick, her titties were a nice size although they sagged a little. Her hips were wide and he couldn’t wait to get her doggy-style to see how that ass looked.  And her pussy was very wet and plumptious.Actually, Lilith had begun to play with herself while she sucked on Anthony’s dick.  She caressed her clit and she kept dipping her fingertips into her sloppy wet vagina. She moaned softly as she sucked and licked up and down his shaft like it was it was a never-ending tootsie roll pop. Anthony hoped she would never find out how many licks it would take to get to his creamy center. Well, scratch that.  He had plenty of cream for her. Matter of fact, he was ready to give her a dose. He had plenty more.“Shit, girl. Your mouth is sooo good,” he moaned.Lilith stopped licking and sucking and looked up at him.  “Is it really good?” she asked hopefully.“Oh hell, yes,” Anthony said, nodding enthusiastically. “So good actually, that I’m ready to cum and give you a load. Do you want it?”Lilith’s eyes got big. “Oh you want me to swallow it?” she asked excitedly.“Yes, please do,” Anthony said. His knees were starting to tremble he was so ready to cum. He once again gently grabbed the back of Lilith’s neck with one hand and his dick with the other. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”  Lilith looked up at him and did what she was told to do. She was thrilled to have this man here in her lair giving her pleasure. She would gladly do whatever to please him. Anthony eased his dick into her mouth and jacked his dick in and out of it. Her gums felt so good along the bottom of his shaft and her wet suction massaged the sides.“Oh hell, yes, baby… It feels so good.  I’m gonna cum so hard!!!” Anthony yelled.Lilith sucked a little harder and she was soon rewarded with a burst of warm cum in the back of her throat.  More spurts followed and her mouth filled quickly with cum and dick.  She swallowed eagerly and continued to suck until Anthony softened in her mouth.  When he finally pulled his dick away, she smiled and him and licked her soft lips.“Mmm, yummy  I want more. Is there any more?” she squealed gleefully.Anthony stared at her incredulously.  “Oh yes.  There’s plenty more.  I have about six months worth of nut backed up for you. Don’t worry,”  he assured her.  I’m gonna fuck this bitch all weekend, he thought.Lilith laughed then stood up. “Why don’t we go to my bedroom?  I’m sure my bed would be nicer than this couch,” she suggested.“Sounds like a swell idea to me. Let’s go. Lead the way!!!” Anthony said. Lilith giggled and trotted towards her bedroom, a sexy bounce to her step. Anthony came up behind her and gave her rear a playful slap.“Oooh, daddy, do that again,” Lilith cooed. The way she said it made Anthony’s dick rock hard again. He smacked the pale white flesh of her other butt cheek, this time a bit hard. It left a reddish welt there. Lilith just giggled.They entered her bedroom and Anthony grabbed her arm. “Wait…” he said. Lilith looked at him. "I want you to walk slowly over to the bed. Let me enjoy the view of your ass. Then crawl up on the bed all slow and sensuous-like. Then stick that ass up high in the air when you bend over,” he instructed.Lilith frowned. “High in the air?  How do I do that?” she asked nervously.“You watch porn. You know what a proper doggy-style looks like. Press those titties down on the bed and arch your back. Make a roller-coaster out of that mu'fucka',” Anthony said.Lilith smiled and began to walk slowly over to the bed. She swayed her hips slightly with each step  Anthony admired the gentle curve of her ass as she walked. Her heels were doing a good job of cutting up and defining her legs. She slowly crawled onto the bed and looked back teasingly at Anthony, who licked his lips lustfully. Lilith wagged her tail slowly side to side then pressed her chest down on the bed, resting her head on her hands. She smiled sweetly at Anthony as he started at her grand ass.Anthony’s mouth watered as he took in the view of Lilith’s backside in the air. Her shaved, wet, puffy pussy was on full display with her tuff of reddish blonde hair just above her clit. Anthony stroked his hard dick as he approached her on the bed and he climbed onto it. He squeezed her cheeks and hips lovingly and ran his finger up and down her wet slit. He then spread her labia open with his fingers and softly licked her opening up to her anus.Lilith’s body trembled at the sensation of Anthony’s stiff tongue licking her lovepie. She felt it penetrate her then flicker across her swollen clit. She then felt it penetrate her ass deeply. Her pussy bubbled, fussed, and frothed in orgasm. “Oh… my... GOD!!!” she hollered as he tongue fucked her.Anthony had Lilith’s juices all over his face. He lapped furiously at her clit and went back and forth from her asshole to her clit, lapping, and sucking. He continued to squeeze her ass-flesh and occasionally slap at her cheeks. He finally sat up and aimed his dick at her honeypot.“I gotta know what this pussy feels like.  It tastes so good and I just know it feels as good as it tastes,” he said softly.  He pushed down gently on Lilith’s back.  “There you go. That’s a beautiful arch. Just like that.” he encouraged. “Your pussy is so wet and puffy.  That arch is gonna make it so snug around my dick when I put it in. It’s gonna feel so good.”He pressed the head of his dick against her opening and she felt herself open a bit. She moaned softly as she prepared to feel her first dose of dick in a very long time. Her pussy made an audible sloshy wet sound as his dickhead sunk inside her and he pushed in.  Lilith yelped a bit at the sensation of the penetration but Anthony held her back down to calm her. Lilith sucked in her breath as her sugarwalls collapsed around his shaft and held on.“Oooh shit…” she moaned. Anthony moaned as well and he had to stop and shut his eyes hard to concentrate on not cumming.  She was so hot, wet, and tight and her treasure just surrounded his dick with her carnal heat. He had all of himself inside her and he soon felt like he could move. He began to slowly pull himself in and out of her. As he did, he saw how creamy she left his shaft as it went in and out of her.“Oh fuck, girl…  Damn this pussy is fire…” he moaned.  “How does it feel, baby?”“Your dick feels so good inside me, Anthony…” Lilith moaned, her eyes closed in ecstasy. “Please don’t take it away.”“I won’t,” Anthony replied.  He sped up his strokes a little but he kept them steady, pushing himself fully into her and back out.  She winced and jumped a bit so he slowed down his strokes and only went in halfway.“Oh, yesss, baby. Fuck me just like thaaattt… ” Lilith whispered. Her breaths were coming slowly and deep as if she were going through several mini-orgasms all at once. She grabbed at her bedspread, clutching it tightly.Anthony continued to jab himself in and out of her, getting himself half inside with each stroke. Her pussy continued to make sloshy sounds as he went in and out of her.  Her juices dripped off of his dick as it penetrated her. Just to switch things up, Anthony stopped and grabbed his dick by the base and shook it violently while still inside her. Lilith’s body began to quake and she cried out in passion. Her pussy frothed anew and Anthony thought she was going to collapse. He pushed himself fully into her and he felt her body lock up then she flopped down on the bed.Lilith was breathless. She had just experienced her strongest orgasm yet just now. She wasn’t expecting Anthony to do what he did but it felt like she just had a brilliant explosion of pleasure from within. She was burned out now. She weakly turned over on her back and lay there. Anthony watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing.“Too… much.  Too... many orgasms…” she panted. “I need a break.”Anthony laughed. “Okay, I’ll take it easy on you,” he said softly. He laid down on the bed beside her and watched her.  Lilith smiled at him.“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.“Because you are so very sexy and I honestly wasn’t expecting that,” Anthony said honestly.“I never thought of myself as sexy. But I’ve always had desires. I just never expected to have any of them acted upon,” Lilith said.Anthony traced his finger along the bottom of her chin down her neck and between her breasts. Her nipples were hard and stood erect.  Anthony cupped her breast and played with the nipple a bit. Lilith moaned softly as he twirled the pink nub between his finger. He leaned down and took the nipple into his mouth, sucking softly. His hand floated down and squeezed her mons venus. Lilith arched her back and sucked in her breath.  Anthony went to the other breast and sucked on the nipple.Anthony couldn’t resist. While he sucked on her nipple, he eyed her pussy and wanted to taste her again. He moved down between her legs and he pushed them back. He lowered his face into her lovepie and slurped on her wet labia. He sucked on her flesh softly and trailed his tongue inside her.  He licked up and down then tickled her asshole with his tongue. The little opening gave way to his tongue and he began to wonder how his dick would feel inside. But he shrugged that thought off.  All in due time. This won’t be the last time he was gonna fuck this woman.His tongue felt good to her but Lilit needed a break. That one huge orgasm really took a lot out of her but Anthony didn’t seem to want to slow down. She gently put her hand on his head and pushed it away. Anthony looked up at her and smiled.“Had enough?” he asked.Lilith smiled and nodded.  “I need a break,” she said softly. Then in a burst of energy, she sat up suddenly and jumped up. She pushed him over on his back and straddled his lap and ran her hands over his chest. Anthony reached back and squeezed her ass again. Lilith smiled. “You really do like my ass, don’t you?” she asked in surprise.“Lilith, you’re pretty well put together, sweetheart,” Anthony said. “You got that serious MILF body going on.”Lilith smiled. She felt his stiff dick between her legs rubbing against her clit and she humped a little bit. She took it in her hand and rubbed the shaft against her clit harder. She licked her lips as she showered his balls with her cum. “Feels so good, your dick does.  Got my juices all over your balls. I wanna taste them,” she said. She scooted down and got between his legs. She studied his dick closely.“It’s so thick. I was really surprised I could get so much into my mouth,” she said in wonder.“It’s not that long though.” Anthony lamented. “Only about eight inches.”Lilith looked at him. “It’s long enough. It’s more than enough for me. Fills me up real good,” she stated matter-of-factly.She leaned down and lapped at his nuts, tasting her juices coating them. She rolled the slinky orb around in her mouth then went to the other one. She sat back up and stroked his shaft. “It’s beautiful.  And it tastes so good…” she said with a smile. “It’s nice and chocolatey like candy but I’m more partial to caramel.”  Suddenly her eyes brightened and she jumped up off the bed.  Anthony sat up and watched her scamper out of the room.Lilith came back into the bedroom with a huge grin on her face and carrying a jar of caramel sundae topping. Anthony’s jaws dropped as she made herself comfortable between his legs and opened the jar of topping. “I never thought I’d use this stuff for anything but ice cream.  Mmmm yummy…” she exclaimed.She scooped some of the topping out with her finger and let it drip and drizzle all over Anthony’s dick. Then she stroked him a little and licked the topping from her hands and finger. She then grinned and sucked his sticky dick into her mouth. Anthony almost lost it and his eyes rolled back in his head. He knew he had to watch it.  This woman was going to make him fall real hard for her.Lilith licked up and down his shaft, thoroughly cleaning the caramel off then she cleaned off his balls. She held up his dick as she licked then she spied his twitching bunghole. Hmmm, she thought. I’ll bet he’d love it if I licked him there. She scooped some more caramel on her finger and she held up his nuts. Anthony didn’t realize what she was doing until he felt the cold topping on his anus.  She rubbed it on his opening then eased a finger inside him. Instead of being nervous, he got excited.“Oh wow…” he whispered.Lilith then pushed his legs back further and sucked on his nuts again. She made her way down to his ass and stuck her tongue inside him. “Oooh shit… ” he moaned.  Lilith held his cheeks open with both hands and Anthony grabbed his feet. She totally tongue fucked his ass and cleaned off all of the sweet substance from his crevice.It felt good but Anthony knew he couldn’t hold his feet for much longer so he pushed her head away. “Wait…” he said and Lilith sat up. Anthony turned over on his knees and bent over. Lilith smiled as she now had total access to his backside.She took the jar of topping and held it up over his buttcrack. She poured a small stream of it down his crack and it ran down over his nuts. She rubbed the sticky substance in for good measure then buried her face in his butt.Anthony was shocked at how aggressively she sucked on his nuts and licked his ass. He had never been with a woman so freely freaky. She ate his ass like groceries and he was loving it. She stroked his dick from underneath and pulled it back between his legs and sucked.“Oh my fuck…” Anthony exclaimed. He let her lick and suck for a while longer then he reached back and pushed her head away.  She watched him get off the bed and he grabbed her arm.  He forced her to her knees and held onto her forehead. He held his throbbing dick over her face and jerked himself off.  His face wrinkled up in agony as he felt his nut brewing. He shoved his dick into her mouth and began to pump her face.Lilith watched his face as he fucked hers. He pushed his dick into her throat balls deep then pulled it out.  He jerked himself off and sprayed her face and glasses with a series of hot cum. He then shoved his dick back into her mouth and pumped it until he felt his balls empty. He stopped pumping and let his dick fall from her mouth.“Oh shit… I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” he said breathlessly. He looked at Lilith, who was still on her knees with her glasses and face covered in cum. At first, Anthony thought she was upset. He wasn’t gentle as he face-fucked her and he thoroughly coated her face. Then she smiled and began to scoop the cum off her face into her mouth.  After a minute or so, her face was clean of the sticky man-goo and she licked her lips.“Mmm, you’re delicious,” she said gleefully.Anthony stared at her. Incredible.“I hope you don’t mind. I mean, I have to enjoy this while it lasts. I know you probably won’t ever want to see me like this again after tonight,” she said sadly.Anthony’s face registered shock anew. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her. Then he leaned down to face her.  “Lilith…” he started.  “Before tonight, I haven’t had sex is almost six months. I’m still very much backed up. Babygirl, you are going to be my own personal cum bucket. So just get ready. I’m gonna dick you down all weekend long. Is that okay with you?”Lilith grinned and nodded eagerly. Her time had cum. Literally.END

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