The girl is naughty and fucked on the wall

The girl is naughty and fucked on the wall

I’ve been kind of mad at my stepfather after the situation with Heather. I really thought that I was his princess and now it just seemed like he had two princesses. I’ve been moping around a little and have been a bit unhappy. My stepfather told me to just start living at the apartment. I’m old enough to be on my own. My mother thought it was a good idea to finally spread my wings. I moved into my stepfather’s apartment. My stepfather really had been spoiling me to try and boost my mood. I think he realized that he really pushed me with his last fantasy. He really has been very good and taking us out to dinner and shows and really pampering me. It really has felt like I’m the love of his life. I don’t know if he’s really just up to something and trying to gain some points with me, but for now life is very grand. “My darling Lucy, I want to spoil you. You’re my princess and tonight I’ll give you a bath and then shave your pussy. I’ll then paint your finger nails and your toes. Once you are fully pampered, we’ll play a game that I enjoy.” My stepfather took me into our bathroom to the Jacuzzi bath tub and drew me a bath. He poured jasmine smelling bubbles into the water. He brought a boom box into the bathroom and had soft jazz music playing. He blew up my bath pillow and helped me get into the warm bath. He washed my body with a sponge and then gave me a neck massage. I felt really relaxed in the bath tub. “Oh that feels so good. You’re spoiling me. I love being your princess.” “You’re my beautiful princess and at night you turn into my whore. Enjoy being pampered, Lucy.” He then wet my hair and lathered my hair with shampoo. He worked his fingers all over my hair. He rinsed it all out and poured the conditioner onto my hair. Then he rinsed the conditioner off and just gave my scalp a wonderful massage. “Time to get out of the tub. Let me help you out.” My stepfather helped me get out and then wrapped me in a fluffy, warm towel and put another towel on my head. He then walked me into our bedroom. “Lie down on the bed and I’ll shave your pussy. You know I like you to do this every few days.” My stepfather took a wash cloth and made it wet and then rubbed it all over my pussy. He then put shaving cream on and shaved my pussy bald. It didn’t take long because it was just typical maintenance. After he was done, he ran and picked out pink nail polish. He painted my finger nails and then my toe nails. “I want you to relax and let your nails dry. I’m going into the kitchen to gather up supplies for our little game. I’ll be right back my darling.” I was just relaxing and then I heard the doorbell ring and heard a lot of talking. I guess my stepfather was in the kitchen for about thirty minutes. My stepfather then came into the bedroom. “We’re going to play a little game. I’m going to blindfold you and give you things to taste. If you get them right, I’ll let you have one form of pleasure. You can either have the pleasure from a female or from a male."  “Who are these people?” I asked. “Your mother and I have an open marriage. These are a few of my friends that I have sex with from time to time. They’re an African American couple. Their names are John and Gloria. John has a ten inch cock. I want you to be able to enjoy such an enormous dick. Gloria has been very blessed with enormous breasts and a pussy that’s as sweet as spun sugar. You’ll be able to decide who should give you pleasure.” I knew my stepfather was out of his mind. I really wanted to spend time just with him. But, I now was seeing he really does gets off with putting me in all kinds of situations. This latest game was sounding a bit thrilling and very exciting. I’ve never had sex with somebody who had such an enormous cock. “I’m going to put something under your nose. Please take a sniff and give me your answer.” My stepfather opened something and put the object under my nose. “Is it cinnamon?” “That’s correct. Who do you want your pleasure from?” “I'll take it from John."John went to the bed and put his lips on mine and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouths. He was such a good kisser. I never wanted our kiss to end. “Open your mouth wide and taste this." I opened my mouth up and it was something crunchy and tasted like vinegar. “A salt and vinegar potato chip.” “That’s correct. Who do you want to give you pleasure?” “I’ll choose John again.” I could not see, but I heard John come closer to the bed and then he cupped and massaged my firm breasts. He squeezed them together and massaged them. It felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop. His hands were so strong and felt so wonderful on my skin. “Open your mouth, Lucy and taste this.” My stepfather took a little while opening the next thing. “You’ll need to chew this and then swallow it.” My stepfather put something into my mouth. It was very chewy and very salty and I didn’t care for it at all. It also smelled very fishy. “Is it a sardine?” “Yes, since that was really gross you can have both the man and the woman give you pleasure. Sit up and open your mouth. Lucy, spread your legs.” I sat up and John put his long, thick, and very erect cock into my mouth. I sucked and slurped on the first several inches. His cock tasted so good in mouth. I bobbed along on his enormous cock. I guess I was able to get at least seven inches down my throat. I had to hit his leg several times to let me come up for air. I suck, slurped, and gagged on his monster pole. I certainly could not suck the whole thing, but had a lot of it down my throat. Meanwhile, Gloria was licking and loving my pussy. Her tongue danced all over the folds of my vagina. Little kisses and licks exploring every fold of my wet, bald cunt. She then put her fingers into my pussy and fucked me gently. I could feel my juices running out of my pussy. “Oh God, your tongue is so incredible. I’m so wet for you.” John began to move his hips and face fucked me gently. I kept pace with him. His cock was enormous. He put my hands on his balls and I rubbed and massaged them, while I gagged on his thick prick. I was making all those wet, sucking, popping noises, while I gave him head. Gloria was tongue fucking my bald cunt deeper and deeper. My juices were oozing out of my pussy. I couldn’t take much more of it. “Oh God! I’m fucking coming. Shit!” My juices were pouring out of my pussy and Gloria was licking me like a crazed animal. She was slurping and drinking at my hot cunt juices. Her tongue was so far up my pussy, I was bucking and grinding on her face, while she cleaned up my cunt. “Lucy, you
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re doing really well. But, now I want you to have a threesome with them. I want to see you get fucked by his enormous cock. John will lie down and you’ll ride him cowgirl and Gloria will ride his face. Do it for me baby girl. This is going to make your step-daddy very happy. You're my beautiful and naughty princess. Take your blindfold off now.” I took my blindfold off and was able to see the couple. John was very good looking. He was about 6’2” and two hundred and fifteen pounds. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He was pretty muscular and very athletic looking. His cock was huge. It was very long and very thick. He had his head shaved and had brown eyes. His cock and balls were completely shaved. Gloria was about 5’5” and she weighed about one hundred and ten pounds. She had very large breasts. I think she was at least a D cup. She also had a shaved pussy. She had brown hair and she wore it very short and she had brown eyes also. John got comfortable on the bed, and his wife helped put his cock into my pussy. I could not believe how it felt in my tiny, bald cunt. It was so big and I could only put so much into my pussy. Gloria helped get as much up my cunt as I could take. Once his cock was inside my pussy, I started to rock and move over his cock. My pussy was stretching to accommodate his enormous dick. I have never felt something so big in my life. It almost felt like he was tearing me open. Gloria then stood on the bed and she put her legs on either side of his head. She squatted down and moved her pussy over his face. She was riding his tongue and moving and rocking and moaning as he ate her bald pussy. I was rocking and moving over his hard cock. He started to buck up into my pussy. It was a little painful, but once he was in deep enough, my pussy started to make all her wet, sloshing noises as I rode his huge cock. “Oh Lucy, you look so good up on his prick. Move your hips,” my stepfather said. I moved and rocked over his hard cock. His wife was smothering his face and she was moaning and groaning and in really good rhythm. His cock felt so good up my pussy. “Don’t come in her. I want both ladies to suck you off. Get on your hands knees,” my stepfather screamed. We both got on our knees on either side of the John's legs. His cock was so big, there would be plenty for us to enjoy. I was on his left and she was on his right. We both kissed and licked his enormous dick. Once we got to his head, we each took a turn and sucked and teased on his mushroom head. We both tongued his hole. His wife took the lead and began to put his cock into her mouth. I cupped and massaged his balls. “Suck his balls, Lucy,” my stepfather shouted. I kissed and licked his warm and fleshy balls. I put one of them in my mouth, while I rubbed the other one. Then I rubbed the other one and sucked his right ball. “I’m getting all worked up watching all this. I think it’s time for me to join this party, ladies. I want you both on your hands and knees. John you’ll fuck Lucy and I’ll fuck your wife. Come on ladies.” We both got on our hands and knees and my stepfather spat on his hand and rubbed it over Gloria’s pussy. My stepfather grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into Gloria's wet pussy. Her tits were bouncing, as my stepfather fucked her deep and hard. John spat on his hand and rubbed it over my pussy. He slid his ten inch cock into my pussy. He went very slowly. I think he was probably only fucking me with the first eight inches. I’ve never felt something so big in my tight, bald cunt ever in my life. He grabbed my hips and fucked me a little harder each time. We were both fucking side by side. Both men were holding our hips and fucking our pussies deep and hard. We were both moaning and groaning. “I want my stepdaughter to be doubled penetrated. I’ll lie down and Lucy will ride my cock. John, you’ll lube her ass and fuck her anus gently and Gloria you’ll ride my face. Everybody get into the correct positions.” My stepfather set his tripod up and pointed the video camera at us. He got comfortable on the bed. I straddled him and leaned down so my ass was accessible for John to lube and to fuck. My stepfather’s cock felt so good up my pussy. I rocked and moved my hips and my pussy slapped down hard onto my stepfather’s cock. John lubed my ass and slowly entered my anus. It felt like he was ripping it open. “I need more lube. It hurts a little.” John pulled out and put more lube onto my ass and again on his cock. He then slowly entered my tight anus. This time it just felt very tight going in. Once he was in, he started to fuck me a little faster and then much deeper. “Oh God, your cock feels so good up my ass.” Gloria then stood on the bed and got in a squatting position and rode my stepfather’s tongue. She rocked and moved, while my stepfather ate her bald and beautiful cunt. My pussy was making all her wet, squelching noises as I rode my stepfather. My stepfather started to buck up into my pussy. We were moving in perfect rhythm with each other. John was now fucking my ass deeper and harder. “Lucy, your ass feels so tight. I’m going to spill my cream into your ass. Get ready!” John was growling and then spurt his hot cream up my ass. My stepfather blew his load up my pussy. And Gloria let out a scream and came on my stepfather’s face. John pulled out of my ass. Gloria stood up and got off the bed. I got off of my stepfather. We all were exhausted. My stepfather then turned off the camera and thanked John and Gloria for playing with us. The couple went into the bathroom to take a shower. “Lucy you’re such a good girl. I have a surprise for you.” My stepfather went into his drawer and pulled out an envelope. I took it and opened it. It was two airline tickets to St. Lucia. “We’re going away? I can’t wait.” “I thought we could use a little vacation. You’re my baby girl and you’ve been a very good girl for your step-daddy.” “It’s going to be just us?” “The swingers are going to be having their convention out there. I thought we’d go and maybe make some more of my fantasies come true. What do you think, Lucy?” Gloria and John were dressed and they hugged my stepfather and said goodbye to us and left. I was very annoyed with my stepfather. It just seemed like he had one fantasy after the other one. I guess my mother does not like to do these kinky things with him and is enjoying the control he has over me. I love him and would do anything for him. I just am not too sure about all of his ideas. I just smiled at him and then went to take my shower. I’m a little nervous to think what other things my stepfather will like for us to do. I guess time will tell.

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